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Purpose Essay

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Setting: The story takes place in a suburb of California. In the beginning, everything was just perfect. Then the earth begins to slow its rotation; throwing off clocks and daylight hours. The days keep getting longer and longer. While some people live off the daylight time called “real timers”, others countries like America go from “clock time” using 24 hours in a day no matter what the sky is like.
Characters: Julia is a 10 year old in sixth grade, who turns eleven during the novel. She struggles with the way people change in middle school. She is an only child and has a best friend, Hanna, who she has known for many years. After Hanna moves away with other Mormon families to Utah, she later moves back but then has a new best friend. Julia is alone and hurt. Seth has always been at the same bus stop as Julia. They start talking and eventually become true friends. Michaela, another student at the bus stop, is kind, but obsessed with boys and attention. Other characters are Julia’s parents, who try to help her cope with the loneliness. Helen, her mother, is in a panic because she is fearful of when the world might end, while her father, Joel, has the ability to carry on with life as normal and continue to be calm.
Conflict: Julia struggles with the way some people cannot cope with the time changes and others are much more adaptable. As she struggles with this, Julia, like everyone else, grows older and stresses out over life’s little uncertainties. She scuffles with how the earth’s slowing rotation affects her close friends and family; “gravity sickness” was a cause of depressing life morals and unhappiness.

Thesis Statement
Example: Randy Pausch employs the elements plot and structure, author’s purpose and theme in his piece The Last Lecture.
Karen Thompson Walker employs the elements theme, symbolism and character development in his/her piece The Age of Miracles.

Choose from the following elements to support your thesis statement (highlight 3):
plot/structure setting theme character development
narrator/ voice symbolism author’s purpose author’s style

Statement #1
Element: Theme
Why is this element particularly strong in the book you read? How does the author use it well? How does it impact your enjoyment of the book? The way characters deal with the changes and not knowing what is to come due to the slowing of Earth’s rotation is a primary theme in this novel. Julia’s mother has a common reaction: she becomes very worried and does everything the scientist say will help them in the coming years to prepare for what’s ahead. On the other hand Julia’s father believes her mother is over reacting and the concerns are excessive. He remains calm and thinks what they should do is to carry on with life as normal. Her mother always wants her family at her side in case of disaster. The element is strong because it is portrayed thoroughly in the story details. The author describes the characters reaction to the events that occur and the...

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