Purpose And Design Of The Itamaraty Palace

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The Itamaraty Palace is an architectural project that has not been promoted with the appropriate importance that has under the vast work of Oscar Niemeyer. Although the Palace with its great contribution of significant features, like the emphasis on the complex architectural design in the exterior and interior, has not been value as it should be. Important aesthetic characteristics of the design in the Itamaraty Palace uphold that this building is consider Modern and it establish a turning point for the relevance of architect Oscar Niemeyer in the modernist movement.
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The series of arches does not have an absolute structural function sustaining all the floor slabs from the Palace, instead hast the structural function of sustaining all the symbolic load of Itamaraty. The control of the structure is made through the modulation of the spans of the structure of the arch. There are 12 full arcs with identical radi and 2 more arcs slightly smaller, total 14 arches on its four faces. For the design of the façade, there was a need for adjusting the relations of constructive and full arches between the optical and the arches of the extremities through the solution of visual correction. Fixing this, visual perception of the arches structure would not break the rhythm of the arcade. The slim dimension of the columns of the arches highlights the contrast between the solidity of the structure and the lightness of form. The arches acquire and lose weight and thickness by moving dynamically according to the look of who experience the space and its monumental scale. Its form gains even more strength when mirroring in surface water, emerging as a floating palace. The constructive and optical characteristics the influence the perception of the arcade to strength its own shape of the Palace, this infer the care that Niemeyer and his collaborators in the construction of a modern architecture that adopts from a procedure of classic character.
While the symbolic value of the arcade and subordinate other modulation project decisions, real structural relations and the functioning of the building can be measure through difficult construction of plans from the palace. Within a modulation with module M= 6 m (6x6m) are the dimensions that Niemeyer use to organize the spaces in function of the Palace. All areas are derivations of this modulation: 3x6m, 6 x 4, 5 m, 6x9m, 12x30m, 18x18m till 30x54m. This organization of plan subject to the modulation notes the definition of the vestibule of the floor with a dimension equivalent to 5Mx9M. The logical deduction of social areas astonish when comparing their dimensions with their size, thus modifying the scale of a Palace. This consistency is also present in the solution of the window frames, which is modulated in 1/5 m, with 5 parts of 1, 20 m each, or still in the upper halls frames in which each measure hinged 1 ⁄ 4 m. The control in which Niemeyer makes this geometric accuracy interprets as the order of its own treaty, in which the technique should enhance the shape, such as a characteristic that defines a structure taken as image. The palace designed by Niemeyer establishes a great opportunities to uses of social lounges, suitable to the different spatial possibilities that scales of events require. Thus, it is possible to make small receptions or large parties without compromising the range of convivial ambience that such salons should provide for the exercise of diplomatic activities. This game of possibilities allows to use...

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