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Purpose And History Of Penitentiaries Essay

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Crime and punishment have been a part of the world since biblical times. It is one of the few things in this world that has constantly evolved with man, and will consistently change with the societies as our views of what is right and wrong transform. Our prison system changed because of the need felt by the Quakers to find alternatives to executing and publicly humiliating those individuals whom had committed crimes against their fellow man.
“The Quakers were devout Christians who believed part of god’s nature lived within every person: therefore, they refused to kill other People.” This resulted in them passing “the Great Law” in 1682. That made the colony of Pennsylvania punish crime by ...view middle of the document...

To the point a prisoner would go their whole sentence and not see the face of another inmate. Even while they were being brought in to the prison, they were made to wear black hoods so they could not be seen by the inmates. They were not allowed any influences by the outside world the only things allowed were work and the Bible. The only interaction given was the sermon given by a preacher outside the prisoners cells, and an hour of recreation time were the prisoner was let outside alone to move around and get some air. They believed that this would give the inmate ample time to think of their actions and be remorseful and repent and not repeat the offenses they had committed. Others believed that this was not beneficial that totally isolating the inmates was causing psychological complications among them (History of Incarceration, 2007).
The second system developed was the Auburn system were inmates worked together in the day, ate together, and slept in solitary confinement at night. Inmates lived in enforced silence. Unlike its Pennsylvania counterpart these inmates worked outdoors, were able to see one another and work together as a team to complete task such as building roads for the state (York, 2011).
With hard labor now a part of the prison system the prisons were able to turn a profit from the labor done by the inmates, making the jail self-sufficient and...

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