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Purpose Of Education Is Drawing Out Potential

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Purpose of Education
When people talk about education, they often imagine students going to school and having information stuffed in their heads rather than drawing out their own potential, according to Sydney J. Harris. Just like Sydney said, education today is more about feeding information into a person rather than drawing something out, so the purpose of education has changed from teaching people to stuffing them with miscellaneous facts and giving them little time to digest it. Therefore, the education process today is missing its purpose as well as misleading its students. In order to complete the purpose and avoid misleading its students, education must promote curiosity in the ...view middle of the document...

His class had never been dull; in fact, his students would ask questions after question after the videos and stories. By lighting the fire curiosity, he was able to make the worst students in the class learn something new. To be able to intrigue students into learning he has successfully nurtured their curiosity for the future.
After curiosity in the classroom came independent thinking. School is a place where students are taught to listen and act upon instruction and as well as information. After that they are tested of those information and instruction during final exams and standardize test. Students often spend most of their time repeat this process. Doing it over and over again for a really long time, make people stop thinking and just act upon request. By doing this, education had stifle students the ability to think for themselves and think outside the box. Like Sydney J. Harris said, “Education, to have any meaning beyond the purpose of creating well-informed dunces, must elicit from the pupil what is latent in every human being--the rules of reason, the inner knowledge of what is proper for [people] to be and do, the ability to sift evidence and come to conclusions that can generally be assented to by all open minds and warm hearts.” An educate man who cannot thing for himself is walking
The last purpose of education is to promote sense of responsibility. Taking...

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