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Pursuing The Career Of Purchasing Manager

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You're reading an essay about the career field of purchasing manager, and specifically why I would like to pursue becoming one. Perhaps you have worked with the purchasing department of a company before and are curious about the aspects of its functions; or you may be interested in pursuing this career field as well. This career can be rewarding for any individual who takes pleasure in leadership, doesn't mind working overtime, and has the ability to assume a holistic perspective (Trent, R. J., 2007). Another added benefit is that the salary of the purchasing manager is attractive as well. So let's begin by explaining the purchasing manager career in detail to discover why this career is a great fit for me.
Why I want to Become a Purchasing Manager
I envision becoming a purchasing manager because it is such an essential function to any company. The business environment is constantly changing, therefore this shifting environment engenders the purchasing manager to assess the value of any given product or service that they use or sell in order to stay competitive in the market. This means always being a step ahead of the competition, and most importantly always looking ahead to improve processes already in place, creating an incessantly revolving improvement cycle (Schorr, J. E., 1998). The process of continuous improvement motivates me, and the accomplishment of this process fulfills my intrinsic desires.
There are multiple perks when employed in this profession such as a good salary, where the expected median pay is $95,070 (U.S. Department of Labor, 2010). Another benefit in this career field is that most purchasing managers work full time. The typical days and hours of the work schedule coincide with normal business hours, being Monday through Friday which mimics when vendors are open for business. This schedule is good for enjoying time with the family in the evenings and on weekends. In addition, some companies are offering free health club memberships and bonuses for exceptional performance (Supplier Selection & Management Report, 2003).
Requirements to Become a Purchasing Manager
To be hired as a purchasing manager, you must have experience as a buyer or purchasing agent and hold a bachelor's degree (Cushway, B., 2008). Managerial experience and good interpersonal skills are also normally required for this position (Trent, R. J., 2007). A good team starts with a good leader, and studies have shown that the following are the top knowledge and skills that companies prefer when it comes to hiring a purchasing manager: Team related skills specializing in leadership, negotiation skills, communication skills, analytical skills, and math skills (Trent, R. J., 2007). I would also like to add from over 20 years personal work experience that having leadership and having an effective leadership makes a huge impact on the team and even the customers of a company. I had the opportunity to work under both types of leadership, and my life...

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