Pursuit Of Happiness In Bridget Carpenter’s Up

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In the few scenes of Up the audience is introduced to Walter’s obsession with his inventions which would lead to him becoming increasingly frustrated. Notwithstanding that his ambitions would be reduced due to the realty issues he faces. As the play continues, the audience is then introduced to Petit, who re-installs happiness into Walter’s life through conversations which embody work which they are most passionate about. Petit’s conservations would in turn make Walter feel determined and free again to do his inventions. In Relational Goods, Sociability, and Happiness authors Leonardo Becchetti, Alessandra Pelloni, and Fiammetta Rossetti state that “relational goods turn out to have significant and positive effects on self-declared life satisfaction” (344). By relational goods one can claim that the affective or expressive, non-instrumental, side of interpersonal relationships. In Happiness: a Revolution in Economics author Bruno S. Frey claims that individuals derive utility from being self-employed because it gives them a higher measure of self-determination and freedom. From reading those to theories, we can claim that Petit and Walter’s relationship as a related good and it stimulates Walter self determination to invest in his inventions, which satisfies him in his life work.
If people invested in relational goods then it will stimulate their companionship, emotional support, and social approval. In Relational Goods, Sociability, and Happiness Becchetti, Pelloni, and Rossetti claim that “the impact on life satisfaction of a wider set of non-instrumental social activities from volunteering, to spending time with friends, attending social gatherings and cultural and sports events” (344). However, Becchetti Pelloni, and Rossetti state that “Friendship has to be its own reward and sympathy cannot be bought and sold without being transformed into something totally different” (346). That type of relational good is called public goods, which can change a person’s sentiment towards other people. Beccheti would state, “Institutions encourage people to trust others are classic examples of public goods” (346). The author also added, “Such trustful atmosphere may depend not only on law but also on norms, which are fostered by interpersonal relations” (347). Later on in the article they experiment the effects of relational goods by operating a database named German Socio Economic Panel (GSOEP) to see if their theories of happiness were accurate. They investigated on self-declared happiness and indicators of relational life by using various numbers of variables. Their findings showed that employed workers have a less significant effect on happiness. However Becchetti, Pelloni, and Rossetti assumed, “time spent in producing and consuming relational goods is shown to generate significant and positive effects on life satisfaction” (360). They later on said, “Relational goods have a bigger impact on women, the older, and less educated” (360). In their...

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