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Pursuit Of Happyness: Plot Summary Essay

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• Riding the Bus
Chris Gardner, a salesman who sells bone density scanners, struggled to support his family financially but it proved to be an arduous task as most hospitals considered the scanners to be an unnecessary and expensive luxury. Being unable to sell the bone density scanners, Chris ran into hardships in paying for rent, parking tickets, and daycare fees for their son, which caused his wife to become emotionally distressed. On one of his trips to sell the scanner in town, he encountered a person owning a red Ferrari and several happy successful people in front of an office building, which inspired his determination in becoming a stockbroker. He had the ability to work well with people and calculate numbers, and college education wasn’t required, hence this seemed to be a feasible goal even if his wife did not support the idea.
• Being Stupid
Chris attempted to apply for a six-month internship program in becoming a stockbroker and before doing so, ...view middle of the document...

Nobody can do it,” but Chris determinedly proved that wrong by successfully solving the puzzle. After the taxi ride, Chris did not have enough money to pay the driver, thus he fled and ran while losing one of his bone density scanners. Despite the huge loss however, he had managed to impress the manager, and things started looking up as he landed a chance of becoming an intern stockbroker. Chris also found the hippie who had stolen his scanner and chased her down to retrieve his valuable item.
• Internship
Although Chris had arrived at his interview shabbily dressed and covered in paint due to having being arrested the night before, he was still offered the internship. This was an extremely competitive position because 20 people participated and only one would end up with a paid job position. Chris’s limited work hours and responsibility for his son set him at a disadvantage in striving for the position that he and the other interns were fighting for. Yet, Chris endured the hardship and continued to work diligently whilst using his time efficiently and going to extremities to gain clients despite the unfavorable circumstances.
• Paying Taxes
The day came when the IRS wiped Chris’s bank account clean for unpaid income taxes and as a result, he and his son were broke and homeless. Once, they had even taken shelter overnight in a restroom at the subway station. Things were harder than ever before as Chris continued to work drivingly at his internship and frantically ran every day from the workplace with his son to get in line early enough for a place to stay at the homeless shelter. Though things were looking desperate, Chris’s son told him that he was a good father, and that planted a feeling of warmth and hope.
• Happiness
Chris eventually found and retrieved the bone density scanner he had lost earlier, and he was able sell it after repairing it to work properly again. This was the first ray of lighted hope. On the last day of his internship, the managers called him to a meeting where he was finally rewarded with the job position. He fought back tears and ran to meet his son at the daycare, hugging him in an outburst of joy. Chris had finally concluded his pursuit of happiness as he reached his dream of becoming a stockbroker, later achieving even more amazing financial feats.

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