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Pursuit Of My Dream Essay

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In our modern society, all countries have fused with other cultures through immigration, but the United States is undoubtedly the top leader, with 45.8 million immigrants of which 26% are illegally residing in this country. From 1942 to 1964 the United States and Mexico signed an agreement that allowed millions of Mexicans to come to the United States to work for a certain period of time. They focused mainly on agricultural labor. This was the Bracero Program and it surged on the idea that World War II would bring labor shortages to low paying agricultural jobs in the United States. In desperate need for work, braceros were willing to take the most backbreaking jobs, but some of the agreements of this program were not met as expected. Then the use of braceros and undocumented workers caused farm wages to drop and many braceros just didn’t return to their home country.
Immigrants once had open doors to come to this country because they were needed and, as this event shows, many immigrants became part of this culture and helped this country to become the prosperous nation it now is. The Bracero Program represents how the vision of coming to America in search of a new life became an appealing idea to the people who had few resources and didn’t have a stable economic position. Since then, immigrants that find themselves in that economic situation tend to look for the American Dream. Of course immigrants have been coming to America for long before the program, but since it happened, immigrants have a more clear idea and a much bigger incentive of seeking this opportunity. Since the Bracero Program was done between the U.S. and Mexico, it essentially encouraged people from Mexico to migrate to the U.S., that is why the Mexican immigrant population is represented in such quantity in this country.
Over time, migrating to the United States has not only become about looking for a job or a new life, some people have developed an illegal market in which they smuggle drugs past the border as part of their business. There are two types of immigrants, the ones that are just looking for opportunities and a better quality of life and the ones that have criminal purposes. They range from drugs and firearms smuggling, gang activity, sex trafficking, or burglary and petty theft. The government has to choose between targeting those immigrants who pose the greatest threat or to target the largest number possible of unauthorized immigrants that reside in the United States. The group of illegal immigrants with criminal purposes is considered a threat to society and should be the top priority of the government, while the group that is just looking for new opportunities could help fortify the United States, for that they deserve a chance to get a job and improve their life standards.
In the past few years, unconformity in the society has increased the demands to solve the immigration problem. Although no new legislation has been passed, there have been several...

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