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"Push It To The Extreme" This Is A Story About The Importance Of Great Horsemanship And Life Lessons Learned From The Amazing Equine Animal

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Push it to the EXTREME!I've been involved with horses just about my whole life. I've competed for about 12 years now and have very little fear while doing it. This has its good and bad to it. Many burdens have developed as well. As I write I am sitting here with a broken collar bone that needs to be pinned back together with eight hours of reconstruction surgery. Yet this sport is what I love and do, and I don't just do it I put my heart and soul into it. Thousands of dollars in doctor bills, a few broken bones, and some inspiring stories to tell thirty years from now sitting in from of a warm fire place, talking to my grand children as their bright eyes try to focus on every stupid yet adventurous word that comes out of my old wrinkled up lips. I lick my lips and pause...just enough to keep them holding, wondering, and eager to hear more. They'll sit there on the warm carpet heated by their tiny rear ends. The story I tell them that grabs their imaginative ears and minds starts a little like this...The sun was warm and I could feel it beating on my peach colored cheeks, turning it to a warm copper tone. It had just peaked over the green and purple mountains. The horses where in their peak condition, every muscle from head to hoof had been sculpted and polished to where you could mistake their coats as silk. They glistened in the sun like the sun beating off the morning water. I ran my hand over Moe, she stood there still as she was indulged in her breakfast of oats and premium quality alfalfa. She was completely tuned out to the world and looked beautiful. She would take a quick grip of hay and rip it out of the hay bag. She closed her big black eyes, and enjoyed every bit of the different world she was in at the moment. Glitter sparkled in the sunlight through her mane and tail. She smelled like morning dew and oats. It was the greatest smell in the world. I took a deep breath burying my face in her long silver mane and exhaled with a sigh. I leaned back over to her and whispered in her ear, "we have to be perfect today Moe." I grabbed the shiny new hoof pick out of the tack room next to Moe. She didn't even flinch when I slammed the door shut. I lifted one hoof at a time, and cleaned every rock and dirt clod out. There were bits of old hay and tiny pebbles. When I was done I sprayed a hoof enhancer in each hoof and let them dry. Every horse had been well feed that morning with the nest hay and grain the owners could find. The jockey's had their best shirts, boots, and spurs on that day. Horses stood around all glittered up as if they were about walk on the runway. Their mains braided and saddles well cleaned up with fancy cleaner. Children finished their breakfast as their parents saddle their horses. The arena was being worked up over and over again to make the sand fine enough to run through your fingers.This was the biggest event of the year for this little town, and everyone was there. This was the race that determined who was truly the...

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