Push Through And Never Give Up

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Push Through
Malala Yousafazai, a young 16 year old advocate Pakistani girl, pledged to continue fighting for girls’ education. She was returning home from a typical day of school when Taliban militants attacked. This group of militants had previously set a target on Malala. They wanted to unnerve Malala and stop her efforts. The horrendous group of terrifying men surrounded her with their weapons. The chief commander furiously put his gun up towards her forehead and pulled the trigger.
Malala Yousafazai was campaigning for the right of young girls' education. Pakistani Taliban threatened her to stop. If she would not back down, she would ultimately have to deal with the repercussions of her actions.
The terrorizing news did not scare Malala with her incredible efforts. She kept fighting for what she considers being truly best. Not only did she keep fighting, she fought even stronger. Malala strongly believes young girls need education, and everyone should be treated equal. Race, gender, or people’s wealth status should not determine their value in today’s society.
Through all of the threats and people telling the young advocate to bring down her level of intensity, she kept charging on through the difficulty. The tenacious tragedy Malala went through only made her beliefs stronger. Since the day of the attempted assassination, she pursues to campaign and fight for the educational power of young women. Malala hopes one day she will have a resolution. She will keep fighting until there is a clear understanding of what is truly needed for young uneducated girls.
Determination is everywhere and comes in all forms. When striving people have the life skill, they get a sense of rewards at the end, and a life lesson that will let them achieve many more things. Determination is a skill of absolute accomplishment of a person’s goal without giving up. Jeff Townes, a working DJ, explains determination as “’what it takes to make it’” (qtd in. Carter). Determination is an ordinary life struggle. Most people will have or need determination at work, school, or even at home. I am not saying everyone has determination, but the option is always present. Teenage high school students are the ones most familiar with this life tactic. These students will either play with determination, or concede to failure. Determination has been in existent ever since the earth was created, four billion years ago.
Determination can be broken down into two main categories: short term, an act of pursuing a goal that will come forth in a short period of limited effectiveness, and long term, the daily act of pursuing an ultimate ending goal changing a significant part in a person’s life. People may be surprised by how often they use determination. The skill seems to pop up everywhere, and at times will not be noticed until the end of the action.
Short Term determination occurs when people have the drive to accomplish little things. These small things can be anywhere from homework, to...

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