Pushing Pause On Cross Strait Tension: Development Of An Agreement For Mutual Inaction Offers The Opportunity For China/Taiwan Negotiations

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In chemistry, two prevailing types of bonds between atoms exist. Covalent bonds describe a connection between two atoms in which both share their electrons in order to form a desirable octet between the two. Ionic bonds, however, occur through the transfer of electrons between two atoms; in actuality, the atoms remain separate from one another, and have little more in common than an electron transaction. In essence, the bond between ions breaks as both dissociate from each other over time, resulting in completely separate entities. Extended to political relations, the bond between the People’s Republic of China under the command of the Chinese Communist Party, and the Republic of China, Taiwan, whose political scheme constitutes a multiparty democracy, resembles the nebulous ionic bond rather than the tangible covalent due to the development of different political systems and national identities over the last several decades.
To compress the involved history of China and Taiwan into relevant points, both governments originated in China during the civil war in the early twentieth century after the decline and collapse of the dynastic system in 1912. The subsequent power vacuum was filled by the Koumintang party, abbreviated KMT, led by Chiang Kai-shek, which established the Republic of China in the early 1920s. Mounting tension between the KMT and the Chinese Communist Party, CCP, resulted in the defeat of the KMT in 1949, and its subsequent retreat to the island of Taiwan. There, the KMT re-established the Republic of China, and declared its sovereignty over all of China itself. Concurrently, the CCP led by Chairman Mao Zedong established the People’s Republic of China, and also declared itself the true government of all China. Taiwan evolved into a multiparty democracy with a capitalist economic system over the following decades, while China, albeit relaxing economic and political adherence to true communism, progressed into an ostensibly command economy under the dominion of a one-party state. Thus, the political connection between China and Taiwan resembles that of an ionic bond, in which the two nations share the same origin, but progressed down different political-economic paths, establishing two distinct countries, with a bond comprised of mutual trade and potential economic gain. In other words, China and Taiwan are held together by cross-strait investment and trade, but remain essentially separate from one another both politically and in regard to economic policy.
Under these circumstances, Taiwan’s bid for independence, particularly over the last few decades, hardly constitutes shock or surprise, though the development of a deeply entrenched stalemate between China and Taiwan to the extent of potential warfare resulting thereof places the welfare of China, Taiwan, and, potentially, the international community, in a surprising level of political and economic danger. The initial response from China in regard to Taiwanese independence...

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