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Pushing Technology Into Education Essay

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Technology is the key point that involves the improvement of education in schools in the United States. It makes a 360 degree turn from what education used to do in the past as the change of chalk and big eraser by power point slides; or the use of draws made by the teacher for the interactive images that Google provides users. These were changes that technology has made in education and consequently prevents the student or teacher waste time to learn a topic. Technology has been involved with new products which are expensive but could provide much more in students’ education. Google Glass is the most helpful and innovative technological device in 2014. Tablets are less heavy and are ...view middle of the document...

The push of Google glass will generate good expectation on students because it is a tool where the student could make many activities as find right information, develop a science class, solve a math problem, etc. Google glass is an easy device to carry making its use in class, which will not interrupt the professor when the student needs it. This was explained in the CNN website:
It has been really interesting to try it because their perspective is so unique and different from ours, which is why I think (Glass) has a lot of potential with these age ranges. To get just a few moments to see how they learn to do a math problem, or to get a sense of their vantage point is so great for teachers. (Grinberg).
Students will be able to access to the internet to see the difficult point that the professor is explaining or something that is not clear in class. Also, they could use this dispositive outside of the school to save time and make a review of their lessons when they are doing activities that takes time such as walking, driving, staying in the bus, etc. In addition, This tool...

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