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Pushing The Psyche And The Outcome

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Understanding how far your psyche is able to be pushed is useful for everyday life, and for the long run. Dostoevsky properly displayed how Raskolnikov was shaped by his mental and outward conflicts, ultimately showing how important this character was in the book. Even though he’s the main character, if Dostoevsky failed to highlight how Raskolnikov’s sanity was getting away from him, it would be hard for the reader to understand his actions. In the end, knowing that Raskolnikov was mentally incapable when he committed the crime of murder and went on to hide the fact he was guilty, it foreshadowed that in the end of the book he would give himself up one way or another. Mental capacity and ...view middle of the document...

Even though the old woman played a large part in Raskolnikov’s mental instability, there were many times where he teetered on the edge, and she wasn’t the only one who put him there. For example, when an old man had been asking a porter near Raskolnikov’s room about him and left, and Raskolnikov went after him he was feeling paranoid that somehow this old man knew. When the old man calmly spoke, “Murderer!” (Dostoevsky 272) Raskolnikov’s resolve to be strong most likely would have crumbled then and there. In the following chapters of the book, there are small hints at how the character of Raskolnikov has changed from the jumpy sickly man he was presented as in the beginning. In fact, it was as if he was a completely different person when we neared the ending of the story, as he was remorseful and attempting to right all the things he has done wrong. He had even fallen in love with a woman, who convinced him to come clean and stop lying. Consequently, Sonia might have been the goal changer for Raskolnikov when he was trying to decide whether or not to flee or turn himself in.
Throughout this book there had been...

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