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Puss In Boots Essay

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The human brain is one of the most complex structures in the universe. Each lobe interacts with the others through electrical currents, neurological stimulants, and responses. These stimuli are what make the human brain create, contemplate, and imagine. One of the best ways to express ones cranial curiosity is through stories. The story of “Puss in Boots” by Charles Perrault is his interpretation of French society.
The early years of his reign, Louis XIV prepared France for absolute monarchy. A country with a large population, ruling France involves controlling the hearts and minds of the citizens. One of the most effective ways to control people’s hearts and minds is to control popular ...view middle of the document...

” After overhearing his master’s comments, the cat proceeded to kill wild game to present to the king on his master’s behalf.
The cat continued to please the king with these gifts. One day the cat approached his master, herein referred to as Marquis de Carabas, and told him to bathe in the local river. Marquis bathed in the river following the advice of his companion. While Marquis bathed, the king along with his daughter passed by in their carriage. As the king passed by the river, the cat screamed for help. “Help! Help! My Lord Marquis of Carabas is going to be drowned (Lang)!” the cat cried out. Recognizing Marquis as the presenter of the wild game, the king ordered his guards to save Marquis. After ordering his servants to fetch his finest garments, The king invited Marquis to join him in his carriage as they continued their ride.
The car ran ahead of the carriage and told local farm hands, if they don’t tell the king the land they farm belongs to Lord Marquis of Carabas, they will be chopped into mincemeat. The farm hands followed the cats instructions and when asked they responded, “"It belongs to my Lord Marquis of Carabas (Lang)." The vast amounts of land claimed to belong to Marquis impressed the king.
Finally, the cat reached the castle of the ogre. The ogre claimed to be able to shape shift into a verity of animals. The cat used the ogre’s pride against him by tricking him to shape shift into a mouse. When the ogre morphs into the mouse, the cat promptly eats him. On a full stomach, the cat presented the castle to the king as the abode of Lord Marquis of Carabas. Impressed with the castle the king proceed to feast inside the castle. After having his fill he offered his daughters hand in marriage to Marquis. Meanwhile outside the castle, the friends of the ogre waited outside but dared not to enter knowing the king was inside.
One of the sources for Puss in Boots comes from the Greek story Theogony by Hesiod. In this story, Zeus tricked his wife to turn into a fly to eat her (Daniels 8). In the story, Zeus used trickery to gain power for himself. Similarly, the cat tricked the ogre to lose his castle, power, and life.
In order to adequately understand how the story fits into the culture of 17th century France, one must understand the role of inheritance. “The inheritance customs of French peasants, as well as noblemen, often prevented the fragmentation of patrimony by favoring the eldest son (Darton 29).” Puss in Boots reflects the French hierarchical structure of inheritance of the late 16th century. The “three objects that are raked according to an order of decreasing value related to age order (Martin 57).” By excluding an attorney, the two oldest sons can be productive in the social community while the youngest son is excluded (Martin 57). The eldest son inherits the most valuable object, the mill. The middle son obtains the second most valuable object, the donkey, leaving the youngest son to receive the least valuable...

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