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Put A Belt On It Essay

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The global population is increasing exponentially. Enormous quantities of children are born each day and a small percentage is born into an adequate household. This drastically affects the global economy, society and the environment. As Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, said “more children from the fit, less from the unfit” (Sanger). Population control needs to be implemented through the enforcement of sexual education and greater access to contraceptives in order to decrease the number of births each year.
First of all, if teenagers were educated about and had access to contraceptive methods, they would be more willing to put the methods into use. Few sexually active teenagers ...view middle of the document...

By eradicating unintended pregnancies, the birth rate in the United States would be lowered to approximately 1.9 births per mother, below zero population growth level but high enough to ease concerns about economic and social support issues (Navarro).
Furthermore, if the cultural and societal ideals surrounding pregnancy were changed, the societal push for more children would decrease. Around the world, “the fertility rate remains high, driven by tradition, religion, the inferior status of women and limited access to contraception” (Weiss, “Fertility Rates Fall, but Global Population Explosion Goes on”). Rural villages are generally steeped in tradition and share the same customs as their ancestors regarding family size. It was widely desired in ancient India to have large families and women would have many children as some would die during childbirth or at a young age. Now that medicine has improved, fewer children are dying but cultural ideas have yet to change and mothers are continuing to have up to ten children. India has not changed their views on large families and justifies their large population, saying that it “does not want to reduce its fertility because they say they don't want to have China's aging problem” (Weiss, “Fertility Rates Fall, but Global Population Explosion Goes on”). Indian parents justify their exorbitantly large family size by saying that they are ensuring that their population will not sink into zero population growth. Though this may eliminate the idea of zero population growth in India in the near future, this issue puts tremendous pressure on women to reproduce quite often. These births are generally forced upon healthy young women. Gopi Gopalakrishnan, president of World Health Partners, says women in India are desperate for family planning in order to take hold of their own lives (Weiss, “Fertility Rates Fall, but Global Population Explosion Goes on”). World Health Partners is teaming up with local clinics throughout India in order to provide greater...

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