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Coaching girl's softball and boy's baseball teams has both many differences and similarities. They are obviously two different sports, but they have a lot in common. In the same way, the coaching position is known to be the hardest job on a team. He or she is responsible for choosing new players from the draft, batting orders, familiarization of the rules and regulations, and all of the appropriate paperwork involved. The coach decides who is talented and would do the best job in each defensive field position. An experienced coach will have an outstanding knowledge for the game and possess developed strategies for his or her team's successful season.The most stressful part of this job, in both softball and baseball, is complying with the specific rules that must be followed during a game. Planning the line-up takes a lot of thought and careful consideration. Every player on the roster must play at least one inning of the game, or loss by forfeiture will result.As in both sports, the umpire's judgements are official. Parents think they have the last say with coaches. Wrong! A coach cannot please everyone. Few of the parents will complain of their child having certain disadvantages. Among all types of criticism a coach faces, the one heard the most is that their child has not been getting enough playing time. In baseball, there are nine positions on the playing field. Softball has an additional player, the rover. The parents seldom realize that if the coach has fourteen players on the team, and only nine to ten positions exist on the field, the other three or four players must sit the bench. The substitution players look upon sitting on the bench as degrading.The equipment used for each sport is similar. Each player uses a bat, ball, glove and a uniform. League rules for each sport state that all external items a player wears must exactly match each member of the team from the hat to the type of socks worn. The number printed on his or her jersey identifies each individual player to the umpires and scorekeepers. The technique for documenting each play in the score book is the same. The offensive strategy is alike. The moment the batter hits the pitched ball, the batter must run safely and consecutively to first, second, third and home bases to score a run. A ball that is hit over the fence is considered a home run. The...

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