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Put The Homeless To Work, But Is Is That Easy? Contains Personal Opinions

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This is a simple thing to say but is it really this easy to put homeless people to work? There are a lot of questions that we need to answer regarding this issue. Will the homeless really volunteer and help clean up the city of San Diego? Will this be a short term plan or is there a chance that we can get them to work permanently? These are just some of the many questions that arises when we talk about the homeless people. I agree with the idea of putting them to work. But I believe that it should be more than just volunteering. In my opinion, it should be a job for the homeless. I also believe that they should earn money while they're doing this. Or at least get something in return for the services they are going to render to their city.Everywhere you go in this city, you'll see homeless people around. Their number keeps growing and growing each day. They are absolutely everywhere. Most of them stand by the freeway exits and entrances. They put up signs trying to get anybody's attention so that they could get some change or even some left over food. Others hang around 7-11 stores or any grocery stores and supermarkets. Some are out there to clean your car or just your windshield so they could get something in return for their efforts even though they only get your car more dirty.As I said before, most of the homeless that we have today put up signs that say "will work for food." Most of them really want to work in order to get some money for food and stay alive. So, why don't we give it to them. We have a hard time keeping San Diego clean so maybe it's time to get some assistance from the homeless. Will it be easy to put them to work? I don't think it is that easy. This issue is a lot more complicated than that. In my opinion, it will be hard to make anybody work for nothing. I mean, why would they work if they are only volunteering and not getting money or something like that. If I was a homeless person, I wouldn't just volunteer myself to help the city. Why should I do that if I don't get anything out of it? Why should I waste my time on something that will not benefit myself? It's a good idea to make the homeless work for their city but I don't believe that we only need them when there is a convention and governmentofficials are coming over to visit to make them think that this is a clean city. It should be more like a long term plan and really put the homeless to work but we need to work something out in order for them to cooperate.If we can make an organization that will handle the homeless then maybe we can start this idea of putting them to work. This specific organization should try and recruit the homeless people that are willing to work for food or money. If we offer something like food or money to these people, then they will surely work. They are not going to work for free of course. Nobody would. Even if we make them volunteer to do this and that, we cannot be sure that they will do a good job on them. I think that we should pay...

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