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Putting A Price On Life Essay

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Putting A Price On Life
(The Health Care Crises)

Putting A Price On Life

Lately, there has been quite a debate over health care and who

should pay for it. Some say that the general public should pay for it. Others

say it should be shared between employer & employee. And still others say

it should be socialized. Of these three, socialized medicine seems to be the

most controversial if not the most misunderstood.

Let's look at the dictionary definition of socialized medicine.

According to Funk & Wagnall; socialized medicine is "A system proposing

to supply the public with medical care at nominal cost, by regulating

services and fees, by government subsidies to physicians, etc". The

common misperception is that health care will become substandard. If that

is true; then mans humanity to man is determined by the almighty dollar.

Doctors have taken the Hippocratic Oath to treat their patients equally and


Most people fear that they will be forced into long lines or on waiting

lists for medical attention. But that cannot be proven. Besides; most people

now have to make appointments to see a doctor, and are accepted on a

priority basis in hospitals. There is also the fear that doctors in the U.S. will

leave to practice medicine in other countries. If so; they will have a difficult

time as most of the industrialized nations have systems of socialized

medicine including Canada. And let's be honest; how many of us are going

to travel to Mexico for a treatment for a common cold?

Another important factor in health care is cost. Socialized medicine

regulates costs and fees, eliminating the profit competition. This would

certainly pinch the billion dollar a year pharmaceutical and insurance

industries. This would also allow more doctors to open...

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