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Putting A Stop To Sweatshops Essay

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In our world some of the largest companies and businesses are producing their products in sweatshops. Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Sears, and Nike are just a few of the big name companies that use sweatshops. Sweatshops are work establishments where employees are forced to work extremely hard in poor conditions for low wages. These companies and businesses that have sweatshops are taking advantage of their workers from overseas countries and it is unfair for them (Background). Therefore, something certainly has to be done and they need to be put to a stop.
First off, why do sweatshops exist? Sweatshops exist because companies’ and business’ profits rise up by lowering down costs in any way that is possible. Therefore, they construct these low-budget factories that are called sweatshops. This is how companies minimize their total costs and they seek for locations with the smallest wages and human rights protections (Background).
Now lets take a look and see why sweatshop work is so horrendous. The way that sweatshops treat their workers is absolutely brutal. They force their workers to work all the way up to 60-80 hours per week and do not pay them nearly enough to even be able to provide food for their families. Sometimes the workers will only receive a few pennies for one whole day of work (Background). Another downfall is that the workers are sometimes even forced to work without receiving any wage until they have paid off escalating debts, which can end up taking several years to do. Basically, no matter how long these workers work they will still continue to be poverty stricken (Women).
Sweatshops also, hire young children and force them to work. The reasoning for hiring children is because they work for lower wages and are not as likely to complain about poor working conditions like adults would. Some children are so young that they are not developmentally able to carry out the jobs they are given. A child’s fingers are not strong enough to handle the demand of sewing and cutting for the many hours they are mandated to work. Many of the children have to work though due to the fact that their parents do not bring in enough money. Since these children work long hours, education is out of question and they are unfortunately not able to attend school. So children will not be able to broaden their knowledge and they will be prevented to only knowing nothing else other than working in sweatshops. Therefore, since this is all they know they will work at these sweatshops for their whole lives (Background).
Also, the conditions of the environments of many sweatshops are often harmful and dangerous to people. The workers are exposed to a variety of toxins due to being forced to handle chemical paints, solvents and glues with their bare hands (Background). For example, distressed jeans that have a rugged look require unsafe sandblasting that introduces chemicals into the lungs. These certain chemicals that enter the lungs cause...

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