Putting The Insomniac To Sleep Essay

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We all need sleep to survive. We sleep to rest our weary bodies after a physical day of labor. We sleep to recover from a mentally challenged day. We sleep because it is necessary for our survival as human beings. Growing up I have always heard that we all need at least 8 hours of sleep to function properly the following morning. However, it has been researched that if your normal sleep habit falls between 5 to 7 and you wake refreshed and rested the following morning, this is perfectly fine. Normally we spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping. That’s a lot of sleep, but without sleep there would be no survival. Although this may be true for most, it is but a well wished fantasy ...view middle of the document...

People who have insomnia often think about getting enough sleep (A.D.A.M, 2011).
Some Doctors believe they can cure a person that has insomnia. An insomniac might think differently. Dr. Glovinsky and Dr. Spielman give instructions on how to increase your sleep drive in their book “The Insomnia Answer.” They instruct the insomniac to log their sleep by documenting when they fall asleep and each time the wake during the night and then when they wake in the morning. They also warn the insomniac not to use a clock to determine the times the wake up during the night, because this makes you aware of the time passing which will possibly keep you from going back to sleep. This would be kind of difficult to do if you really think about it. This is done for one full week to learn your sleep pattern. This should demonstrate an average bedtime and rising time pattern. Once recognized, you need to average the amount of sleep you get per night and divide it by seven. Then you will need to subtract half the average amount of time you spend in bed awake. In addition you should spend seven hours in bed at night. However, the hours spent in bed at night should be the constant. This is said to produce a healthy wave of sleep. (Paul Glovinsky, 2006)
None the less, Dr. Jacobs writes, “The Relaxation Response, Using the Mind to Control the Body,” has proven to be effective. He describes that there are four key elements necessary to stimulate the Relaxation Response:
• You must find a quiet place and close your eye to reduce disturbances
• You need to be in a comfortable spot and have muscular...

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