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Pygmalion was, in Greek legend, the King of Cyprus who fell in love with a beautiful ivory statue, Galatea. The more he looks upon her, the more deeply he falls in love with her, until he wishes that she were more than a statue. Taking pity on him the goddess Aphrodite blew life into the statue and made it come alive as a beautiful woman. The Pygmalion story written by George Bernard Shaw derives from the famous myth by Ovid's Metamorphoses, in which Pygmalion, disgusted by the loose and shameful lives of the women of his era, decides to live alone and unmarried. The word "metamorphoses" means "transformations", and the unifying theme of these myths is some kind of transformation. Clearly in understanding Shaw's and Ovid's texts one can understand differences and similarities invoked in them.In Shaw's Pygmalion he finds a way to bring forth the truth and liveliness of the characters. In addition he turn's the talk into action, by hinging the fairy tale outcome of the flower girl on precisely how she talks. In this way, he draws our attention to his own art, and to his ability to create, through the medium of speech, not only Pygmalion's Galatea, but Pygmalion himself. More powerful than Pygmalion, on top of building up his creations, Shaw can take them down as well by showing their faults and foibles. In this way, it is the playwright alone, and not some divine will, who breathes life into his characters. While Ovid's Pygmalion may be said to have idolized his Galatea, Shaw's relentless and humorous honesty humanizes these archetypes, and in the process brings drama and art itself to a more contemporarily relevant and human level.Shaw's play, Pygmalion is without the doubt the most beloved and popularly received, if not the most significant in literary terms. Several film versions have been made of the play, and it has even been adapted into a musical. The aborted romance between Professor Higgins and Eliza Doolittle reflects Shaw's own love life, which was always peppered with enamoured and beautiful women, with whom he flirted outrageously but with whom he almost never had any further...

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1051 words - 5 pages Pygmalion by George ShawShaw "the second greatest English playwright, behind only Shakespeare"Title- Shaw called Pygmalion a potboiler and subtitled it "A Romance." Thus the play's main thematic concern is romantic in the literary use of the term. It is a play that has a highly improbable plot. Professor Henry Higgins transforms a common flower girl into a graceful lady, like the legendary Greek sculptor Pygmalion carved an exquisite female

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1061 words - 4 pages George Bernard Shaw author of Pygmalion the play and Pygmalion the screenplay offers two different endings to his story. The distinction between the two accounts lies in Eliza's decision to pursue an intimate relationship with either Freddy, as depicted in the play or Higgins as represented in the screenplay. Because of Higgins' mere interest in Eliza as a subject of study and the insensitive attitude he conveys towards her, it is unlikely that

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974 words - 4 pages • Published in 1916 • Set in London, England • Time set in early 20th century • Mood: a mixture of witty, and didactic. • Pygmalion describes a speech therapist who takes up a bet that he could pass an ordinary flower girl off as a Duchess at an ambassador’s garden party in six months. • Henry Higgins: a bundle of contradictions, Henry hates women. He is incredibly talented and educated, but is a jerk. A jerk that you have to love at times. He

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1312 words - 5 pages For many decades, we as people have come to criticize on every aspect of one another’s being without learning the cause of why one portrays themselves in such a way. In the book of Pygmalion, a play of an English woman who is looked down upon by society Because of her dialect and occupation, is no exception to what many struggle with to understand. The book takes place in London, England were a flower girl named Eliza Doolittle tries to sell

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1355 words - 5 pages The "Pygmalion Effect" is known by psychologists as "The Self-fulfilling Prophecy". This essay shall attempt to show the mechanisms by which the Pygmalion Effect operates and provide evidence of its effect in relevant case studies and social situations.The Pygmalion Effect, popularised by George Bernard Shaw's novel "Pygmalion" can be recognised in all walks of life. Simply it describes a circle of events that may occur when a person has clear

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728 words - 3 pages Pygmalion - Higgins' PhilosophyProfessor Higgins is seen throughout Pygmalion as a very rude man. While one may expect a well educated man, such as Higgins, to be a gentleman, he is far from it. Higgins believes that how you treat someone is not important, as long as you treat everyone equally. The great secret, Eliza, is not having bad manners or good manners or any other particular sort of manners, but having the same manner for all human

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554 words - 2 pages Lesson in Shaw's Pygmalion Writing Pygmalion in a Play format allowed Shaw to present his often-disputable views to an extended audience in a convenient, enjoyable format. By using this means to put over his message the audience is having a good night out at the theatre, as well as being taught a lesson. Society was changing at an alarming rate and Shaw wanted to make sure his audiences were pushed into thinking about issues such as

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2555 words - 10 pages characters in this play who do not experience a happy ending, he leaves the stage and swears revenge on the others. Pygmalion Shaw's Pygmalion derives its name from the famous story in Ovid's Metamorphoses, where the man called Pygmalion brings a statue of a beautiful women, which he has made himself, to life. The more he looked at the statue, the deeper he fell in love with it. This he does because he is disgusted with all the real women

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1232 words - 5 pages The relationship between the texts you have studied and their respective cultural context is significant because it provides insight into the way values have been maintained and changed. Discuss with reference to the text from the past and it's appropriation.The intended audience of both Pygmalion, by George Bernard Shaw and Pretty Woman, directed by Garry Marshall was the mass of society at the time of composition. This is seen through the

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774 words - 3 pages Class Distinictions in Pygmalion Pygmalion, by George Bernard Shaw, is a thrilling drama in which a scientist of phonetics tries to transform a cockney speaking Covent Garden flower girl into a woman as poised and well-spoken as a duchess. The play considers some of the illusions of the class distinctions. This is represented by the characters, their situations, and their aphoristic comments. Eliza Doolittle starts out as a

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632 words - 3 pages Pygmalion & My Fair Lady      The play Pygmalion and My Fair Lady, the musical, are the same story. The only major difference between the two, is that My Fair Lady has songs added to the dialogue. I believe the musical version is more enjoyable because the music adds more feeling to the story.      The opening scene is after an opera. The higher class people spill out into the streets. It

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1678 words - 7 pages Pygmalion An interpretation of Class Relations in Pygmalion In Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, there is a distinct variance in class relations and the way that early 20th century Britains were perceived as being different by their speech, money, wealth, style, manners, and appearance. Being a lady or a gentleman was an acquired status desirable among most of London’s society. However, in Pygmalion, Shaw tells a story about the transition of a

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603 words - 2 pages off the insults and adverse opinions people expressed to him. His persistence made him into one of the best orators of his age. Literary extravaganzas like Pygmalion, Androcles and the Lion and others bear testimony to his brilliance. Shaw helped to reshape the stage of his time. His bold, analytical intelligence and sharp pen, brought to bear on contemporary issues, helped mold the thought of his own and later generations. He received the 1925

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1181 words - 5 pages Pygmalion #9 Eliza and Professor Higgins meet in an awkward situation. Professor Higgins is studying people's language and he noticed that Eliza speaks quite unique. Eliza is a poor girl who is selling flowers wearing poor clothes. Higgins also meets Colonel (Col.) Pickering in the beginning. They both have great amount of money and they give very little to the flower girl Eliza when she asked for it. Eliza isn't stupid, but just in proverty