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Pyramid Schemes Essay

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Pyramid Scheme
Every day I see someone that is trying to sell something on a social media website. Not only does it get very annoying, but there is always that thought in the back of my mind; does it really work and can I really make THAT much money? Trends are a way of life for most people. Everyone is trying to find the new thing to do, wear, say, etc. Whether you do it knowingly or subconsciously you have probably followed a new trend one time or another. It is not that you want to be like someone else, but you do not want to fall behind either. Although there are many trends from the things people eat all the way to what they wear the trend that seems to stick out to me the most is ...view middle of the document...

Another item that is a hot pyramid scheme are candle products like Scentscy and Pink Zebra. Then you have the creams, lotions, and other things that promise to take away scars and acne. While some of these may or may not work it is just another way these companies can get money from you and me.
Pyramid schemes work pretty well; for a SMALL amount of people. The people who have created this trend or the ones that started being a part of the scheme first are the only ones that are making actual money from their investment. They get you into the product by saying the only thing you have to do to make money is recruit a few people. That doesn’t seem too hard does it? BUT, the more people you recruit, the more people the next person has to recruit to make money. There you are, in a pyramid scheme and the more people that sell it, the less buyers for you there are going to be.
It is said that eighty- eight percent of people at the bottom of a pyramid scheme lose their investment after time because the amount of people that are having to be recruited gets so...

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