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Pythagoras: The Foolish Genius Essay

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Pythagoras, a man who is immortalized through his genius in the field of mathematics, or more specifically and more widely known the Pythagoras Theorem. A revolutionary theorem, which he created alone, which allows one to uncover the length of the missing side of a triangle by utilizing the other two sides. However, this theorem was not the only thing that Pythagoras was remembered for. In fact he is remembered for his philosophies, childhood, secret life and society, and influential adventures. The man, Pythagoras, was so famous in his time he was able to build and keep his own religious secret society, which has made it difficult to find detailed descriptions on Pythagoras’ life.
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Everything we have today that Pythagoras either said or did was written down by someone else. Including the Pythagoras theorem, which was written down by his wife.
As stated before, Pythagoras was so famous and influential in his time that he had the power to start and keep his own religious organization/ cult of mathematicians. This organizations name is widely unknown to much of the public, as well as what the did and what they aspired to do. Some sources accredit this organization for creating the first zodiac charts, which study the human brain’s manipulation through different planets gravitational affects through the use of mathematics. This organization viewed Pythagoras himself as a deity or a demigod. So the members of this organization hid away as much information about Pythagoras as they could find. As a result there are mostly documents that only cover the first forty years of Pythagoras’ life, and aside from that there are many documents that say things like “he was bestowed with divine powers in the line of mathematics”.
The one theorem that Pythagoras is most famous for is the Pythagoras theorem. He formulated this theorem by himself sometime in his forties when he lived in the Italian city of Croton ( where much of his philosophical activity occurred). In the Pythagoras theorem every side of a triangle is important. Through the use of the Pythagoras theorem one can find the missing side of a triangle by using the formula A squared+ B squared= C squared. The Pythagoras Theorem exactly states “That for any right triangle the square of the hypotenuse length is equal to the sum...

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