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1. Q. The legislative branch is found in the Constitution in which article?A. The legislative branch is found in Article I of the Constitution.2. Q. The fact that there is a House and Senate reflects the concept of________.A. The fact that there is a House and Senate reflects the concept of a bicameral Congress.3. Q. Of the House and the Senate, which body is elected in total every two years?A. Of the House and the Senate, the House is elected every two years.4. Q. What is the minimum age a senator needs to be to hold office?A. A Senator must be at least 30 years old to hold office.5. Q. In Article One, Section 8 of the Constitution, what would the find there?A. The powers of Congress are stated in Article One, Section 8 of the Constitution.6. Q. To give Congress the ability to expand or adapt its powers to meet new challenges is found within the _________.A. To give Congress the ability to expand or adapt its powers to meet new challenges is found within the Constitution, Article One, Section 8, number 18.7. Q. Which of the six principles of the Constitution is reflected in term elections?A. Forming a more perfect Union is reflected in term elections.8. Q. Which amendment of the Constitution provides for the direct election of senators?A. The 17th Amendment of the Constitution provides for the direct election of senators.9. Q. A senator serves for how many years?A. A senator serves for 6 years.10. Q. Which Amendment of the Constitution expanded the power of Congress the power to tax personal incomes?A. The 24th Amendment of the Constitution expanded the power of Congress the power to tax person incomes.11. Q. The Senate may check the power of the Executive branch by_______.A. By controlling the federal money the Senate may check the Executive branch.12. Q. The House of Representatives may check the power of the President by________.A. The House of Representatives may check the power of the President by overriding a veto.13. Q. When president Bush proposes a 10 year 520 billion dollar tax cut to Congress, he is acting as_______.A. When president Bush proposes a 10 year 520 billion dollar tax cut to...

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