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In the Book Q and A by V by Vikus Swarup I agree with the statement that Ram divides the people in India into three broad classes, the rich, the slum-dwellers and the chawl-dwellers. I will discuss how the wealthy people in India live in luxury. I will explore the life of those who live in crowded and hazardous chawls. I will then lastly explore the life of people who live in the slums in India.

Firstly I am going to address the way thee people who are slum-dwellers. The people who are living life in the slums experience many grievances. They are unable to move around a lot as it is very overcrowded. “when you live on the brink of penury in an urban wasteland where you jostle for every inch of space and have to queue for a shit…”People who live in the slums are not supposed to go onto quiz shows and win money but are rather taught to use their hands and legs .”we are supposed to use only our hands and legs” The slums in India are also filth which makes it easier for diseases to spread and for people to become ill.

Now I am going to describe how the people who live in the chawls are forced to live their lives. Life living in chawls in not much better then living in the slums but is a slight improvement. “Those who live her are marginally better off than those who live in the slums like Dharavi. People in the chawls are not supposed to socialize at events but other talk to each other while standing in a queue for the common lavatories. The walls in the chawls are very thin and therefore privacy is not a possibility.” If you put an inverted glass against the...

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