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Q: Evaluate The Impact Of Humans On Evolution In Society And The Environment. Compare Darwin/Wallace And Lamarchin Theories Of Evolution. Discuss How Society Has Reacted To These Two Theories.

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A: Humans have had a great impact on Evolution in most aspects. An example of this is the destruction of many factors favourable for evolution. The most prominent is the clearing of land by farmers etc. This can have many negative effects on the environment, when land is cleared many things are effected, Firstly plant life can be destroyed, this effects the natural ecosystem also the clearing of land can effect animals, due to the recourses they need being destroyed with the clearing. In the long run this can cause many problems to the ecosystem, one of the most drastic being the extinction of plants and animals alike. Another downside of the clearing is that it reduces the variation in species because they all need specific features to live without the things that have been cleared, with in turn means that it reduces biodiversity. Another factor is with the tampering of Bacteria growth humans have made an impact on the growth of these organisms, now while they are able to help us in our day to day lives they have also become a danger to people if given the right conditions.These factors have affected both society and the environment, firstly the environment has to pay because land is cleared and it is affected. Secondly there is an impact on society, because now such things as bacteria can affect people and it has been a burden too many societies especially in third world countries.There have been many opinions on the topic of Evolution over time, however there were three people whose theories stood out over the last few centauries. Firstly there is Darwin, his...

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867 words - 4 pages crawling. Birds, said Lamarck, came from hairy ancestors. Their attempts to flyforced air into the hairs and so turned them into feathers.Darwin knew about these attempts to explain evolution. His grandfather,Erasmus Darwin, had published several books containing ideas much like Lamarck'stheory of use and disuse. He felt, however, that early writers on the subject hadspeculated too much and had collected too few facts. As a result, they failed to convincethe scientific world that evolution had actually taken place. They also failed to give areasonable explanation of how changes might have produced the different organismsfound upon the Earth today.

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