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Qatar 2022 World Cup Bid Corruption Claims

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World Cup 2022 investigation
Qatar’s successful bid to host the world’s greatest sporting activity in the year 2022 has been countered by a lot of criticism. For example, a Norwegian newspaper called the decision as a big joke of all the time in the football history with some commentators expressing their views that Qatar literally stole the world cup. This criticism has attracted interest of many people to scrutinize whether the whole exercise was carried out in a most transparent manner and whether the decision arrived at was the best among the available options. As a result of this interest and curiosity, The Daily Telegraph reported that there are traces of some information that hint to ...view middle of the document...

The magnitude of this money caught the FBI’s attention and investigations began. These transactions have ensued doubts on the authenticity of how the bidding process was done.
Normally, before a world cup is held, FIFA invites all countries that believe they have the capability to host the world’s large football tournament to place a bid. It is normally a very sensitive exercise that requires expertise of the highest order. Before a country wins the bid, it must satisfy all the requirements set out by FIFA and further demonstrate, with certainty, that it has the ability to host a tournament of such magnitude. Hosting of the world cup comes with a lot of benefits to the host country and hence countries invest a lot to ensure that they win that bid. Once the bids have been placed by different countries, the FIFA selecting committee does the selection. The selecting committee has 24 members, who are a representation of football organizations and agencies from all corners of the world. The final decision is reached upon through a voting exercise by the 24 members and the country voted largely by the 24 members wins the bid. It is an exercise that is supposed to be fair and free.
Despite all these guidelines on how the bidding and announcing of the bid’s winner is done, 2022 world cup selection bid was characterized by some flaws. Firstly, the decision was made by 22 members instead of 24 because of the bribery claims. A document that dates December 15, 2010 shows the transactions described above between Warner’s and Hammam’s...

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