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IntroductionThis study examined qualitative research on "Pregnancy and protection: Perceptions, attitudes and experiences of Australian female adolescents" to determine designs and methods used and to discover emergent themes across study. Most of the study reviewed was described as qualitative or phenomenological by design and included samples comprising of Australian females participants exclusively. Based on analysis of the collective primary findings of the sample research studys, three themes were identified: (a) Perceptions, (b) attitudes and (c) experiences of Australian female adolescents. Overall, the study revealed that most adolescent females perceive pregnancy as a rite of passage and a challenging yet positive life event. This qualitative study needed involving participants from same ethnic backgrounds, perceptions relative to adolescent pregnancy and, about decision-making relevant to pregnancy resolution, intimacy, and peer relationships.TitleThe title of the study which is as follows "Pregnancy and protection: Perceptions, attitudes and experiences of Australian female adolescents" accurately reflects the study because rules have been the subject of considerable research. Authors have conducted the large-scale and systematic study of sexual attitudes and experiences of Australian female adolescents.AbstractAbstract covers the required information provide clear understanding of the topic explaining methods, finding, and basic purpose of the study and final comments given in concluding part. The information found within the research study is accurate but incomplete and outdated. An adequate critique on this topic of pregnancy and protection must begin ultimately from the socially radical recognition that the only scientifically verifiable differences between men and women are in the mechanics of biological reproduction, and that all other apparent differences are therefore caused by cultural and social conditioning.Problem statement and purposeThe purpose of the research study is clearly defined although the problem in the research study is not clear. Authors of the study have given a slight touch to clarify the issue. In fact the significance regarding the problem has not been identified to give clear understanding of the problem to a reader.Literature ReviewThis research study is an initial experiment in conceptual literature review. It contains a general overview of concept mapping; a review of concept and the report reviews a large body of literature on the uses of Concept referrals on sex education. The project's overall objective is to create a sound foundation for future accounting standards that are principles-based, internally consistent and internationally converged. Basically a conceptual framework is used in research to outline possible courses of action or to present a preferred approach to an idea or thought. For example, the philosopher Isaiah Berlin used the 'hedgehogs' versus 'foxes' approach; a 'hedgehog' might...

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2377 words - 10 pages ‘validity’ and ‘reliability’”. British Educational Research Journal, 13(1), 73–81.Hammersley, M. (1990). Reading ethnographic research. New York: Longman.Leininger, M. (1994). “Evaluation criteria and critique of qualitative research studies.” In J. M. Morse (Ed.), Critical issues in qualitative research methods (pp. 95–115). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.Lichtenberger, E., O. (2004) Essentials of Assessment

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