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Qualitative Research Essay

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This will be a discussion of qualitative research. It will define qualitative research, as well as look at the similarities and differences in the quantitative and qualitative research paradigms. Furthermore, this discussion will look into qualitative case study research and phenomenological research, with further contemplation of purposes, methods, and limitations for these two methods.
Qualitative research is concerned with understanding people’s many layers of envisioning reality. It is the observation of the human practice, descriptive in manner, with careful, detailed factual description of people, objects and action. Viewed in a nonpositivism style, those who look at research in ...view middle of the document...

The quantitative research subject choice is random selection and random assignment or a representative, large sample style (Kapitan, 2010). Qualitative research approaches data analysis through inductive means using coding, pattern matching, and explanation building, interpreting the data beyond what the participants themselves intended or even understood (Carolan, 2001). Quantitative research approaches data analysis through deductive means using computations, statistical analysis, rating skills, coding, and time series analysis. Qualitative research looks to the triangulation data collection method for validity while quantitative research relies on probability, rigor and generalizability of data collected.
Though there are many differences between the two, there is one point I would like to make. We need to see that no two perspectives will ever be exactly the same, no matter the context. When the circumstances change, so will the outcome, and the circumstances will never be repeated exactly; there will always be some factor that is different because every person’s past is different, as well as every researcher’s. In every situation, there is most likely a reality of comorbidity that will be occurring, therefore there is some element of difference in every person and every quantitative research that cannot be taken into account. It can be factored out for the results, but it is still there affecting the person, in a hidden manner that is unidentified. In this way, it is hidden from the public eye. In qualitative research, there is no suggestion of this, it can be included. It does not generalize for a single cure, for a therapist to have to use trial and error because of the comorbidity of their patients (Long, 2014b).
Qualitative case study research is not conducted to only learn about an individual, but also any bounded system that is associated with that individual. This can include similar groups, families, and cultures that share common experiences and perspectives. There are four types of qualitative case study research that are either experimental or naturalistic- hypothesis testing single case designs. These can introduce events or relationships to see how they interact, or they can happen naturally. Case study research can include more than one case, (multiple, collective case study research) as long as the cases do not cross into each other. Above all, it is the person that is being studied (Wheeler, 2005). In art therapy case study research, portraiture is used as case methodology. This is a method where the art therapist pulls all culled information together and examines the material as if it were a portrait. There is a balance of the elements, in context, with the thematic structure, relationship, and voice that makes the narrative into a whole portrait. Steps taken in...

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