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Qualitative Research Analysis

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Qualitative research includes methods that allow the investigator to explore a problem for the purpose of collecting unknown data to contribute the scientific theory. Moreover, this approach to research allows the researcher to fully investigate the underpinnings related to the research problem. Data collection for this method of research includes in-depth interviews and observations in natural settings. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to analyze two qualitative research articles and to further refine pertinent areas of my research topic.

Section One
Article One Analysis
This work posits that medical professionals, i.e. nurses, often find themselves with patients who are grappling with life regrets and unresolved relational conflicts. To this end, Ferrell, Green and Garcia (2013) posit that medical caregivers may find themselves providing care terminally ill or end of life patients. Developmental theorist argue that it is not uncommon for older adults to contemplate and struggle with issues of dispositional, interpersonal, and self-forgiveness. Lacking formal training in grief interventions, nurses and doctors may feel at a lost because they are not equipped to address a patients trepidations regarding forgiveness. Thus, the purpose of this qualitative study was to describe and identify the contextual settings in which medical professionals’ observe patients expressing life regrets and/or need for forgiveness. Therefore, participants, n=389 were recruited while attending a medical continuing education seminar sponsored by the End of Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC). The primary means for collecting data was via survey which included demographical and a single open ended question.
Per a comprehensive literature review, Ferrell, Green and Garcia (2013) offered the following hypotheses: H1. Older adults in the final days of their lives or facing terminal illness may experience conflicts in personal relationship and situational contexts should be primary foci in which transgression occurred; H2. Older adults in the finals of their lives or facing terminal illnesses will recounting the transgressions of others and those in which they were the transgressor; H3. Older adults in the finals of their lives or facing terminal illnesses will render apologies; seek forgiveness; express love, and express gratitude; H4. Older adults in the finals of their lives or facing terminal illnesses will in accordance with communication theoretical approaches, permit interchanges of grace, such as, that’s okay or I forgive you or thank you.
The premise of this study is the result of a meta-analysis review by investigators concerning the topic of forgiveness. Researchers noted that the review suggested that the topic was studied from various angles, to include, health, law, education, and media. However, literature appears to have been limited on address forgiveness issues in palliative settings. Thus,

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