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Qualitative Research Topic Essay

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According to Easterbrook, (2008), “qualitative methods are used typically in research projects that take a human-focused perspective in the design and implementation of the investigation” (p. 828). This paper theme explains the reasoning for a topic’s approach as qualitative research. Additionally, the paper’s theme identifies the research design appropriateness while providing a rationale for not using other research designs. The qualitative research designs include phenomenological, ethnographic, grounded theory and case study. The approach to a research issue depends on the research question and the study’s goal.
The phenomenological method provides for investigating the social science ...view middle of the document...

146). Therefore this case study introduces a single situation and investigates the situation in great detail. The establishment of the research program commences with the identification of a specific case, which is concrete, bounded and involves study not lost by time. A case contains intent or a reason for studying the subject and provides an in-depth understanding of the situation.
Over the last decade the pace of technological change is occurring on a rapidly increasing exponential rate rather than the tradition linear rate. The wireless telephone industry is changing rapidly. As quickly as manufacturer produces a new wireless handset model, with a boundless amount of new features, the device is almost obsolete when it begins the sales cycle. Many people conditioned by the changing desktop computer user environment possess the skills to adapt to these rapid handset changes. Older people are demonstrating difficultly with adapting to the changing technology environment.
Problem Statement
“The problem statement drives the purpose, the method, and the reliability of the results” (University of Phoenix1, 2013, p. 1). The general problem is senior male and female people in the above 70 year-old demographic, living in adult communities in United States are demonstrating a lack of proficiency with new wireless handset devices, which is resulting in confusion. The specific problem is the above 70 year old demographic is not a key sales demographic, and manufacturers are not considering the needs to this group when designing wireless handheld devices. Therefore, the population in this demographic is experiencing usability issues with these new devices, which is resulting in a slow response to emergency situations such as medical emergencies.
The purpose of this study is to gather first-hand usability information from members of a demographic group to understand the issues they perceive with the use of the devices in daily life. This information has interest to device manufacturers to improve customer relations, improve the product features, and determine if a device with new features is appropriate for this demographic.
Qualitative Perspective
“For qualitative studies the research question acquires even greater significance since the notions of audit trail, which commences from the research question is considered as an indication of a valid or not research” (Mantzoukas, 2008, p. 371). Additionally, the qualitative research question contains “an additional significance as it determines the manner by which the study will be conducted” (Mantzoukas, 2008, p. 372).
The questions to answer to determine the applicability of this problem and purpose to qualitative research includes
Analysis Question Response
Is the research conducted in a natural setting? Conducting this research in a natural setting will permit the subject to demonstrate how the usability issue affects day-to-day life experience.
Does the research involve complex...

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