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The 21st century has begun to see a different brand of leadership – strategic leadership.
A strategic leader multitasks. He learns, he plans, he innovates, he motivates, he does everything, he “walks the talk” and, through all these, he creates and transforms all the time. And since the aim of all strategy is to link aims, ways and means, the goals of his leadership are to clearly defined :
• What is my end goal ? Till what lengths can I and my team go to reach it
• Which is most optimized way of doing things?
• How can I utilize the skills of my team to the highest
Today’s leader is a far cry from that typical CEO or President of the company that we’ve grown up seeing. He’s such kind of ...view middle of the document...

He revolutionizes minds. He turns misfortune to privilege, and vision to actuality. He uses his one of its kind qualities to percolate his dream in hundreds and thousands of other people. He inspires and lights passion in them and ensures that everyone together reaches a shared goal.
A leader leads without taking into consideration how many followers he or she has. Its their work or output that starts getting people to follow them.

A vital factor in the implementation of leadership is the malleability of the person in charge. Whenever any of the variables change, automatically style of leadership must change. The leader must then fine-tune his or her approach. The style that worked earlier in some situations may not work in this scenario--but the leader should adapt. It takes time for a new leader to identify the "right" style of leadership. By the time that leader discovers the correct approach he or she may have damaged his or her integrity. The leader may then have established a image that will stick with him or her for the rest of their lives.
Another component of good leadership is being considerate. Good leaders are concerned about and take of their people. They aid them to deal with stresses that arise both from the job and from external sources. Leaders never let their personal perceptions of people come between their job of taking care of his followers. Kindness is not the same as likeability. Rather, kindness implies an interpersonal closeness that comes with responsibility, vulnerability and an absence of self-interest. There is more than adequate evidence now that leaders who practice kindness, and where kindness is valued at work, create workplaces that people want to work in and are also very productive.
Quality of leadership must be assessed by looking at where the trouble lie. Focusing on internal issues at a top level such as company or corporate headquarters, there is a chance your employees are pleased with your leadership.
A leader understands the importance of growth in a company which is just not increasing profit or global recognition. There are two types of growth, benign & malignant. Benign growth which is good for your company and malignant growth which may not always be good. The organization should grow assimilate the growth, develop the overall growth a types of and the growth should be sustainable. Growth should not only be growth in profit but growth as a company on the whole. What have the "we" as a company learned and what have advanced from.
An efficient leader can do things to triumph over the inefficient leadership below them. The converse is not true. Even the most inspired junior leaders cannot compensate for the "wrong" style imposed upon them and their team from above. They...

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