Qualities Of A Successful Student Class Essay

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Name: Thanh Pham
Class: IEG 100
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Qualities of A Successful Student
In order to integrate into a new environment successfully, students need some essential traits. There are some common questions that new students always have when they are freshman. How can I be a good student? What should I do in the university or college to be successful academically? In my opinion, I would like to give three tips and answers that I drew from my experience.
First, organization is the most important for students because it keeps students on track. Indeed, every work needs to sort logically in order to bring high efficiency for us. E’yen A. Gardner, the author of several famous books, says that: “You are not meant to serve time. Time is meant to serve you. Become the master of your now.” To become a master of time, you need to have a effective and productive schedule. Once you have a routine, you stick to it; as a result, it will become a regular activity for you. Furthermore, an effective schedule is helpful and fruitful because you can prioritize for your main class; spend more time with it; and concentrate on it. Time management can be understood using the image of a triangle; one side delegates time for studying, time for sleeping, and time for relaxing which all need to equal. Successful students are not only successful academically but also healthy and active.
Second, good students should be aware and determined. “You are responsible for you” is prevalent quote which we hear in high school. That is completely right, because you have to know who you are and what path is right for me? And then you will explore what you will need to do. In fact, it will be easier to make proper plan when you determine and clarify your goal. Afterward, you will put forth the effort to achieve it. Determination means researching for yourself short term and long term goals. For example, I have to accomplish my...

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