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Quality And Change Management Essay

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Over the last number of years the quality and safety of our healthcare services has increasingly become one of the main priority (Health Information and Quality Assurance-HIQA). Institute of Medicine (IOM) defines quality as ‘degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge’. Brady et al (2010) emphasis that quality is doing right thing safely and consistently to achieve patient satisfaction and best possible outcomes by skilled and responsible professionals. Quality is one of the main four principles that underline health strategy by Government of Ireland. It believes that to gain people’s trust in health system, quality should be guaranteed through standards and evidence based practice. (Department of Health and children (DOHC) 2001). However quality in health care is complex and is influenced by multifactor including the competence of professionals and the policies that shape the system. (Brady et al 2010).There is a growing public awareness regarding the importance of quality and safety, which raises concerns about the variation between actual practice and evidence based best practice (Steinberg 2003).Health care experts are constantly putting effort to improve quality of care through various measures. The National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare describe a vision for high quality, safe healthcare. It identifies quality dimensions as Patient-centeredness, safety, effectiveness, efficiency, accessibility, equity and promoting better health (HIQA). Commission on Patient Safety report inspired the nation for a change in culture to deliver high quality safe care through patient participation, effective leadership, clear accountability and reporting system (DOHC 2008). Planned change is essential to achieve desired quality in health care. (National Health Service -NHS).
This assignment has four objectives. First it will discuss the concept of quality and its relevance in health care. Second, it will review the literatures on delirium and decide on change proposal. Third, it will describe the importance of change in quality improvement. Fourth it will explain the change management while introducing Confusion Assessment Method ICU (CAM ICU) tool in critical care using Lewins change theory.
Excellence in health care is measured by quality and safety of care delivered and the clinical outcomes achieved. (Brady2010) Safety is a prerequisite for quality (Brady 2010).Modern medical technology has made it possible to extend the lives of many beyond the point of death. However the health care system continue to fail in the safe application of knowledge and technology. (IOM 2001).
When individuals approach the health care system, they have an expectation that the care they receive will be safe and evidence based. But it in reality many patients face adverse events while in the hospital (Brady et al 2009). ) Almost fourteen...

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