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Total Quality ManagementA management strategy called total quality management (TQM) is applied in order to install the quality aspect in every organizational process. A key component to Quality Assurance is through the use of statistical methods. Total quality management is used so problems can be identified from the beginning and corrected instead of dealing with these problems as they arise. "Total Quality Management encourages teams within the workplace from different departments to work together to create solutions to advance production and lessen or eliminate waste" (Ipedia.com, 2006).Some attributes of TQM include an indiscriminate sampling of a service or product a company produces and then is tested to determine what the customer wants. As soon as a defect or flaw is detected, orders are set in place to correct the defect or flaw to ensure the product or service is suitable for the market. The statistical information is often collected and looked into to calculate a specific range of acceptance and when something is unacceptable more measures are taken in order to keep everything with the accepted range. While the measures are vital to the quality of the service or product, it is also important to get an understanding of why some failures take place and if a redesign of the product or service should be implemented to remove failure before the process of production begins.In most cases, in the TQM process, it is usually the customer who can decide if the product or service is out of the acceptable range and what adjustments need to be made.Impact of Globalization on Quality"The recent rapid globalization of trade is creating unparalleled oversupplies of many goods and even services. Coupled with information technologies that provide customers with more data about prices, quality levels and product availability than ever before, globalization is having a major impact on quality worldwide. Globalization affects quality in many ways. Some of the most noticeable are people's rising expectations and their demand for products and services of equal quality to what they see others receiving" (Godfrey, 2000, p.2-3).Quality improvement is always welcome in any and every stage of manufacturing, but the introduction of globalization to a business has brought upon a few different techniques that encourage improvement and these techniques are Total Quality Management, Six Sigma programs, and ISO9000. These different programs and techniques have been able to help companies maintain quality and introduce corrective maintenance to any issues that come up. When these issues come about and the quality is compromised, managers can introduce several options when the issue is determined by the root cause analysis. Employee teams or global suppliers can suggest an organization to alter the manufacturing process or add new training programs. Global sourcing managers cooperate with one another when an outside supplier delivers substandard parts or materials to get...

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