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Quality And Risk Management Within A Healthcare Delivery System And Outcome Management Program

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Quality and Risk Management within a Healthcare Delivery System and Outcome Management Program
Tina Anthony
Judy Roberts
March 25, 2014

In the healthcare industry there are titles and roles such as small as orderlies, office workers, aides, nurses, doctors, physicians and they all have different roles within the industry itself. In the healthcare industry there are tons of healthcare professionals. The number one common goal is to put the patient first and the overall health of the patients.
In this paper I have combined the two topics, the first I will write about will be topic number 3, the role of a healthcare professional, the role of a stakeholder and the intricate roles they have when it comes to the quality and risk management within a health care delivery system, including organizational mission, vision, goals, and objectives. The second topic I will include will be the outcome measurement program I have researched and completed in Week 3 to access the quality of care. It will go along will topic number 1, which was to design an organizational quality or risk management program to implement, and monitor health care outcomes in the setting of your choice that support national accreditation (JCAHO, NCQA, etc.), standards of care principles, and outcomes management. The organizational mission, culture, and strategic direction will than intertwine with the overall mission, vision, goals in a healthcare deliverance system.
You cannot become a healthcare professional overnight. To begin when you are in medical school all physicians have to learn an oath, called the Hippocratic Oath. In the oath it gives a breakdown of the responsibilities of the physician when it comes to the care of a patient with things such as being respectful; prevent disease, getting help when needed and how to properly treat.

As a health care professional there is a strict code of conduct that must be followed. They are at the standard to where they have the right to see a patient even if the patient don’t have insurance, after a natural disaster and basically just because. It is ultimately that physician’s decision, they are not forced to do this but if they do choose any route I just mentioned they have to follow it through at all cost. “Health care professionals often work long hours, and they are physically and mentally strained on a daily basis. It is the responsibility of the health care worker to understand her limits and remove herself from patient care in the event she cannot provide excellent care, or if she runs the risk of harming others. For example, a physician that has been awake for more than 48 hours should recognize that she is not fit to perform a surgical procedure.” (Pelland, D., 2014)
As everything else in the health industry patient confidentiality is at the top of the list. A lot of health care professionals have access to the database that stores personal information and it’s their responsibility to keep...

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