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Quality And Safety Education For Nurses

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Throughout the course of history effective communication has been a critical component that spice human life and the fundamental key to success. In the words of Bach and Grant (2009), communication is defined as the “exchange of information between people by means of speaking, writing or using a common system of signs of behaviors” (p.12). We are constantly presenting and interpreting people's ideas and thoughts. In every aspect of life, great communication skills often provide an edge over competitors and adversaries. Certainly, everyone can profit from learning and employ the principles of effective communication (LaValley, 2008). Clearly, Lee Flicek, (2012) ...view middle of the document...

Arguably, LaValley (2008) claims that nurses attempt primary the patient’s urgent need and communication is neglected. Concerns for improving patients' lives should never supersede the needs for adequate and meaningful communication. The underlying causes of clinical event can be hidden on a facial expression or body movement. Many times, by bringing them to the individual level and addressing the patient’s underlying conditions they will achieve safe and effective outcomes of patient’s treatments and promote an avenue of satisfaction. This interacting process and patient centered communication are necessary tools to help create the atmosphere that focuses on improving physical and emotional health of patients and should always be a priority in the delivery of care. Constant communication as well as ongoing interdisciplinary collaboration leads to continuity of care, reliance and an appreciation of what each individual brings to the whole process in terms of patient care (LaValley, 2008).
McCaffrey, Hayes, Stuart, Cassell, Farrell, and Miller-Reyes, (2010) are in the same line of reasoning with their allegations when they declare how the beginning of high quality care emerge from “clear and appropriate” communication, any given practice that does not meet the criteria of effective communication collaboration is far to be achieved (as cited in Arford, 2005, p. 172). Meanwhile, when effective communication skills are kept in place within health practice, it turns in joint efforts that warrant that safety and optimal patient care of are achieved. Moreover, effective communication and collaboration, form part of the criteria that is taken into account to determine if a hospital has a magnet status (McCaffrey et al., 2010). The quality and safety education for nurses (QSEN) according to the observations provided by Dolansky and Moore (2013), is mainly oriented to promote and implement optimal quality patient care that translate into competent nursing practices in the delivery of patient care. The quality and safety education for nursing (QSEN) that is going to be address in this paper is teamwork and collaboration. The purpose of this literature is to analyze the implications of therapeutic communications in the patient-nurse relationship and its expression in health care delivery.


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