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The career I chose to research is that of a video game tester, also called a quality assurance tester. A quality assurance tester plays the game as many times as necessary in an effort to check for software flaws, graphical glitches, sound levels and playback quality, and continuity of plot and character development, if existent.
While this sounds fairly simple and clean-cut, you need to possess some marketable skills, including dexterity and coordination. Simply having the passion to play video games forty hours a week isn’t enough; you will need to be an adequate player. You also need to be able to write reports that are detailed enough to give the designers a clear picture of what needs ...view middle of the document...

The hazards of excessive video game playing have been long debated. The certain side effects – that is, those whose connections are firm and irrefutable – include eye strain; lower back problems; strain in the hands, wrists, neck, and back; muscular stiffness and pain; sleep deprivation, and tendinitis.
A passion for video games and all they entail is the most useful personal aptitude one could have for this career. There is little else involved in the testing of video games besides playing them, over and over and over again, and then once more for good measure. It’s not obligatory to enjoy analyzing things and paying close attention, not finding a single detail too miniscule to notice, but it’d be helpful.
There’s no uniform or safety equipment required for this. Your environment could range from a cubicle to, if you’re lucky, your own home. Either way, both places would be dominated by technology, and ergonomically correct seating.
The salary for a video game tester can reach as high as 90K a year, with hourly wages starting at $15 an hour. However, testers are generally hired for one game at a time, so a long-term position is...

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