Quality Cabinets: The Merillat Industry And Its Competitors

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Masco Cabinetry does not have strong brand recognition. However, the companies under the Masco Cabinetry umbrella such as Merillat, Kraftmaid, and Quality cabinets have extensive brand recognition. Merillat Industries began producing cabinets in 1946 and has been operating as an independent unit of Masco Corporation since 1985. Today, Merillat cabinets are the most preferred brand of cabinets used by national builders such as Pulte and DR Horton.
As Sakar (2005) states, brands are the identity of a company. The Merillat brand of cabinets has undergone several changes over the years. The giant red M that used to signify Merillat Cabinets was replaced by a nesting bird, and again replaced by a MBCG for Masco Builder Cabinet Group. This past year, Merillat Cabinets have returned to their roots with the big red M again, and the tagline “We Are America’s Cabinetmaker.” This return to form for Merillat has been a huge success with employees and consumers of Merillat products.
Kraftmaid cabinetry is an easily recognizable name in cabinetry. Kraftmaid cabinets are sold in most Lowes and Home Depot stores and were once a common fixture on the television show Extreme Make Over: Home Edition. The Kraftmaid brand has been operating since 1969.
Quality Cabinets has a lower brand recognition that Merillat and Kraftmaid, however its low price point, makes it popular amongst builders of multi-family dwellings. Quality cabinets joined with Merillat in 2005 which allowed Quality Cabinets to reach a much broader market.
Competitive Advantages
Masco Cabinetry has been steadily building competitive advantage over the past few years by having strong brands and diverse solutions like countertops. The company believes that this will allow them to outpace the competition and be successful in the marketplace. Masco cabinetry has also leveraged its competitive advantage by partnering with Primera Interiors to benefit the builder and dealer channels in Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. In the Arizona market in particular, Primera has operated for 30 years and now provides production schedule management, logistics and installation of Masco Cabinetry products in that market. In the Nevada and Colorado market Primera offers Masco Cabinetry products to trade professionals, home owners, and remodelers to help complete their projects.
Masco Cabinetry has also created a potential competitive advantage with its new Arbor Creek line of ready-to-assemble cabinets. The Arbor Creek brand of cabinets offers an advantage over other ready to assemble brands from Ikea and Sunco by providing truckload quantities to dealers for large projects, a full cabinet replacement warranty, and maintain in-stock replacement parts.
The purchase of TFI Countertops in 2008 also created a competitive advantage for Masco Cabinetry. With that purchase, Masco Cabinetry became the first company in the industry to pair cabinet and premium countertop offerings. The countertops are branded...

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