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Strategic Goal

Defining quality means carefully regulating the quality control measures that are essential to producing quality products that people will want to purchase time after time, by providing a level of service second to none, at an affordable price, while maintaining regular performance and efficiency quality measurements, if we are to remain competitive, and profitable. As a quality, process engineer it is my job to help you as a business owner reach these production, manufacturing, and remain competitive.
Defining the objectives

As a quality engineer, we must firmly establish the level of commitment starting with key management personnel. We will also need to look at the ...view middle of the document...

Understanding how much of the data falls within a certain sigma range of the mean is critical to the quality improvement process.
o Common cause vs. special cause; processes that perform normally and have only the random variation evident means the process is common variation. Special cause or assignable cause variation represents the abnormal variation assigned to a specific event or process. Stable process, is the state when only the common cause variation is present. Unstable process is the state in which your processes have both a common cause and special cause variation present. If this occurs, it is uncertain that the products produced today will be the same as they are the next day.
o Normal distribution is the continuous data, and discrete data are numbers that are not continuous, Poisson distribution, is the distribution of discrete data made up of counting data.
o Process capability index, this is the ratio of the customer’s specification range of the process variability, and measurement capability index; is the ratio of the specification range to the measurement of the process variability.
o Control charts; serve a specific purpose in our quality improvement efforts, since they will help us distinguish between common cause and special cause variation.
o Statistical process control, is using specification limits, eliminating assignable (special) sources of variation

Consistency will be a major part of our quality improvement process program. Our goal is to see that the production process performances remain consistent, and the results are measurable and quantifiable. These key concepts are the backbone to the process improvements needed to produce the products with consistency 100% of the time, and deliver quality products to our customer’s 100% of the time.
Continuous Improvements
Additionally we will define our quality improvement program by using a continuous improvement cycle, plan-do-check-act, (PDCA). Each of these tools will play a part in our efforts to improve our current processes so we can improve our products and the services we provide to our customers. This begins by brainstorming, which will capture the ideas and thoughts of the team or group assigned to a particular process. These teams will use a flowchart, or fishbone diagram to capture the results of the brainstorming ideas and...

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