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Quality Executive Holloware Essay

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Question 1:

It is well known that quality has many dimensions and definitions. It can be based on a transcendent approach (innate excellence, for example a Rolls Royce), a manufacturing based approach (free of errors), a user based approach (fit for purpose), a product based approach (conforms to measurable characteristics) or a value based approach (suitable cost and price).

Since Executive Holloware has a strong brand that suggests top quality the delivery of consistent excellent quality should be priority for this company. Quality for Executive Holloware could be specified could be defined as consistent performance to customers’ expectations. More specifically you could specify quality at Holloware as producing 95% of all products in such a manner that they do not need to be reworked by any department due to shape defects, scratches, bruises or discolouring.
Judging from the random sample that Paul has taken it seems that the majority of defects originate from the press shop. The causes for this phenomenon might be:

Too little inspection points during production – Defects are only picked up at the end of the process where costs were already incurred on defective products.
The remuneration policy of the workers does not promote the production of quality products. It seems that the workers get paid per product produced, whether it complies with quality standards or not.
There seems to be a communication problem between the various departments. They work in silos without integrating the process.
There is a lack of well defined quality standards. As Jim remarked he does not know when something is a scratch or not.
There is no yield Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in place that measures % prime product on first pass, the metric is not measured and it is therefore difficult to manage.
There might be an underlying problem with the material or equipment in the press shop.
The cost of production is not well defined and known throughout the process. It is therefore difficult to quantify the problem in terms of monetary terms.

Quality should be measured more often after each stage in order to prevent unnecessary costs of processing already defective products. It could be done in the following way:

Press shop – someone should inspect the raw materials entering the process to ensure compliance to required standards. After each stage an inspector should be appointed. Depending on the work load one inspector could inspect more than one department’s products. It is important that these inspectors do not report to a certain department, but to the overall quality management department in order to prevent a conflict of interests. The following measures could be in place for the press shop:
Correct shape
No scratches longer than 5mm and deeper than 0.2mm
No visible bruises.

Plating and softening:
No scratches longer than 5mm and deeper than 0.2mm
No visible bruises.
No residual grease left after plating


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