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IntroductionIn the health care industry there is no distinct, commonly established description. The reason for this is because health care quality has several unusual, intricate aspects of care from several different perspectives. Quality can be measured in several different ways. It can be measured in terms of outcomes, the end results of care and treatment, or it can be evaluated in terms of the course of action, which is, the way that the care is delivered. Depending on who is working on the quality for their medical facility the definition of the word can vary. This report will explain the necessary what quality means in the health care industry and how it may be improved in Cindy Janowski's organization (UOP, 2009).Foundational Frameworks of Quality ImprovementQuality improvement is most successful when viewed as an organization-wide process however; it is critical that quality improvement is implemented at the department level (Kazemek, E. and Charney, R., 1990). Each department needs to ensure that they know who their customers are. Customers are not only external such as the patients, physicians, third-party payers and the departments office staff. Other departments within the organization and those who the department provides services to are also customers.Each department must understand the organizations vision and their departments quality mission (Kazemek, E. and Charney, R., 1990). One person cannot achieve the department and organizations quality by themselves. Developing a mission statement that is specific for each department along with their quality goals is a valuable tool and give each team member ownership for their success (Kazemek, E. and Charney, R., 1990). Every department in Cindy Janowski's organization needs to have performance metrics that are realistic. The metrics need to meet customer quality standards and expectations by the technical quality delivered as well as the service quality that is delivered (Kazemek, E. and Charney, R., 1990).Why do various healthcare stakeholders define the quality of care differently?Depending on the role that each stakeholder plays within the health care organization, their definition of quality can be perceived differently. Each stakeholder has a different view for the definition of quality. Although each of their definition emphasizes different aspects of care, it does not exclude the other aspects (Ransom, E., 2008). It is often central to how payers, managers, and society define quality of care, whereas physicians and patients typically do not recognize cost-effectiveness as a legitimate, consideration in the definition of quality (Ransom, E., 2008).Roles of Various Clinicians and Patients in Quality ImprovementIt is crucial that all clinicians are engaged, encouraged and supported so that they feel self-assured in taking the accountability improving the quality of care. The patients point of view on the services that they have received is an important role in the quality...

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