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Quality Management 3.1 Essay

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3.1 Explain how quality management can be measuredQuality management is one of the important factors which help the operation focus more in manage to get good performance. Each company should measure it by specific data, from that they can have the compare, the analysis to make right and suitable business decisions.3.1.1. Industry standardsThe International Standard for toy safety is ISO 8124. "The requirements of ISO 8124-1:2012 specify acceptable criteria for structural characteristics of toys, such as shape, size, contour and spacing as well as acceptable criteria for properties peculiar to certain categories of toy. ISO 8124-1:2012 specifies requirements and test methods for toys intended for use by children in various age groups from birth to 14 years. The requirements vary according to the age group for which a particular toy is intended. The requirements for a particular age group reflect the nature of the hazards and the expected mental and/or physical abilities of a child to cope with them" (, 2012).In fact, Mattel gets no industry standards. Mattel products' quality is not good. The evident is total recall 2007 because of many products had exceeded the US limits set on surface coatings that contain lead, it is dangerous to children. "In a double-barreled announcement, the company said it was recalling 436,000 Chinese-made die-cast toy cars depicting the character Sarge from the animated film "Cars" because they are covered with lead paint. At the same time, the toy maker said it was recalling 18.2 million other toys because their small, powerful magnets could harm children if swallowed. The magnetized toys were also made in China, but they followed a Mattel design specification." (STORY and BARBOZA, 2007). It means that Mattel had low standard quality. This mistake happened because of the lack of quality in management and products' producing, lead to lose a lot of money of company.3.1.2. Evaluating own proceduresIn 2006, Mattel has implemented enhanced magnet retention systems across all of its brands after they conducted first recall for magnetic toys. All magnets must be "locked" in toys. In 2007, Mattel found that the products which made in China, had non-approved paint containing lead in excess of applicable regulatory standards. "As a result, Mattel launched a thorough investigation and expanded its testing programs to ensure that painted finished goods, at third-party contract manufacturers as well as facilities operated by Mattel, are systematically tested prior to being shipped to customers. The expanded testing programs include a check system to enforce compliance with all regulations and standards applicable to lead paint. Mattel has also created a new Corporate Responsibility organization, which has an even greater level of accountability internally and externally for adherence to the company's safety and compliance protocols" (Mattel Annual Report 2007, 2008).When found that mistake, Mattel had suitable methods to...

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