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IntroductionIn this simulation, the four key points were: find the defect, narrow down the problem with the defect, correct the problem with the defect, and ensure a quality policy is in place while listening to employee needs. This paper will discuss the four key points of the simulation, explain how I can use what I learned in my workplace, and detail the steps I chose for Sequro to take to implement a continuous improvement program.Four Key PointsEvaluation of the overall company is a key factor in finding the true source of any problem. Conducting studies at all levels and evaluating the findings ensures that the problem is dealt with at the source. If a company starts looking for the problem at the bottom or end of the process, they will take longer and spend more than if they begin at the top or first step and work down.Narrowing down the problemOnce the findings have shown a strong likelihood of a problem in one or two areas, each of those areas must be evaluated. A detailed analysis of each step of the potential problem areas will enable the company to find the most prevalent issue and take action to alleviate the problems.Correcting the problemWhen the main problem has been identified, the company will take the necessary steps to correct the issue. If the problem is with a supplier, they will evaluate the cost of keeping the supplier with modifications to the product supplied versus obtaining a new supplier. If the problem is with lack of employee training they will create a new training process for employees. If the problem is with the way employees are being managed, they will make changes in the management process. After they correct the main problem identified, they will re-analyze the process and work to improve any secondary issues following the same methods.Implement a policy of qualityAll companies should have a quality policy and ensure employees understand the policy. Employees at all levels should be responsible for continually revisiting the policy and upholding its guidelines. Frequently referring to the standards required keeps quality foremost in the minds of all employees and ensures more of a focus toward meeting and exceeding those standards.Listen to employeesEmployees on the front lines of the manufacturing processes are usually the first to know of a problem. Frequently talking to these employees and listening to their input is a valuable step in ensuring the problem does not impact the customer. Often, problems can be corrected through employee communication instead of customer complaints. This type of process is beneficial to the company’s reputation because their customers will view them as a quality supplier and will increase the company’s revenue through repeated business.Use in the workplaceI have been using similar processes at work. I meet with employees at all levels of tenure, success in their personal requirements, and shift assignments on a daily basis. Since I am in a position to take a true...

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