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Quality Management In Agile Compared To Traditional Project Management

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The goal of Traditional Project Management as opposed to Agile Project Management is comprehensive project planning, starting with clearly defined goals. Agile Project Management enables creativity and flexibility. Therefore, when specifications frequently change, the traditional approach may not be as effective. For example, software projects that often start with few specifications are subject to changes throughout the development process (Vital S. Anantatmula, Manga Anatatmula, p. 1). On the other hand, corporate restructuring projects that are outsourced typically use traditional project management, such as in the aerospace or engineering industries (Max Smith, Project Management Outsourcing and Other Service Projects, p.1) In establishing a process determination for PMI standards, not every project is suited to fit the practices of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide). Usually, a selective approach to processes and practices based on the size, complexity, type and basic needs of the industry will dictate whether using a traditional or agile approach or a hybrid thereof is more suitable. While the continuous process of quality assurance and quality control in management is associated with ongoing improvement and process analysis, every project must, in the end, ensure the accuracy and credibility of the process measurement systems. The manager must incorporate the right tools from each process throughout the course of the project (Harry Reever, Quality in Project Management, p. 1).

Agile Project Management, according to Donovan Burba, represents a “revolution,” creating an opportunity for creativity and “self- organization”. Burba also addresses the problems: the “lack of up-front, loss of management control, lack of predictability, and lack of engineering discipline” (Donovan Burba, PM Network, Nov. 2013, “Policing the Agile Expressway,” p. 58). Because the agile framework design is centered on managing change, the speed of communication and the speed of knowledge increase, driving the speed of change. “Teams using the traditional plan-driven approach to product development could not keep pace” as the speed of change increases the capacity for teams to bring new products quickly to the market (Michele Sliger, “Goodbye Scope Creep – Hello Agile”, pp. 1- 2). According to Project Management expert Dave Prior, while the schedule, deliverables and team in that order are the priority with traditional, project managers using agile approaches “make the team the priority, followed by the client and the deliverable” (Dave Prior, Burba, p. 58). Agile offers great adaptability for an ever-changing scope of work, such as IT; using iterative or phased planning and continuous integration, it promotes collaboration and generates results at a fast pace (Reever, Quality in Project Management, p. 2).

Agile Project Management enables the development of high-quality, adaptive software by small teams that use a...

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