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Care always involves a relationship between the person receiving care and the person providing care. There are several types of care relationships which include care provided to family members, formal medical care (for example Primary and Secondary Healthcare) and care provided in Service User’s homes by Homecare Workers.

This essay will focus on two types of care, namely, Primary Healthcare and Homecare. It will describe some of the skills involved which make the caring relationship successful together with how the quality of care can affect the relationship between the provider and the receiver.


Primary Healthcare Services are those which are directly accessible to the Service User (K101, Unit2, P75). When the Service User believes they are ill, their first point of contact is normally a GP.

In the case of Anwar Malik, his first visit to his GP surgery was very uncomfortable due to the fact that he rarely attended. He met several Healthcare professionals including his GP and Practice Nurse and it became apparent that Anwar felt very anxious about the experience and found it difficult to understand and concentrate on the information the Healthcare professionals were offering him.

Anwar was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, a progressive chronic condition which requires the ‘patient’ to ‘self manage’ the disease. They are advised to increase physical activity, consume a healthy diet and take tablets and/or insulin to improve and maintain their blood glucose levels (K101, Resources, P13). Anwar’s blood sugar levels did not remain stable and following a series of questions from Diabetes Specialist Nurse Richards, it was noted that Anwar wasn’t taking the tablets prescribed or following the diet and exercise programme correctly (K101, Unit2, P83).

The Service User can often display a negative relationship with Diabetes whereby they find it difficult to come to terms with their condition, are overwhelmed by the regime in managing this and frightened over long term complications. This could lead to a similarly negative relationship with Healthcare providers. It is therefore vital that Healthcare providers be empathetic and respectful of the Service User’s negative feelings. The development of a ‘collaborative’ relationship takes time, so continuity of regular care and contact is critical (K101, Resources, P20). This encourages the Service User to develop a relationship with Healthcare professionals where they can express their fears, anxieties and concerns without being judged.

Anwar confided in Nurse Richards that he found it laborious to follow the guidelines provided as they did not coincide with his cultural beliefs. Nurse Richards realised that Anwar required help with understanding both Diabetes and how to treat the condition (K101, Unit2, P84). In addition, in the Report by Julia Lawton and associates (K101, Resources, PP13-17), it is evident that South Asians struggle to manage and control...

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