Quality Of Life Applicability To The Service Enriched Housing Environment

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I. Known Scales and Instruments

Nominal and Operational Definition
Quality of life refers to individual’s subjective evaluation of the degree to which his or her most important needs, goals and wishes have been fulfilled (Frisch, Cornell, Villanueva and Retzlaff, 1992). Along with negative and positive affect, these features are seen as part of the broader construct of subjective well being and happiness. There have been established links between anxiety, depression, alcohol use, physiological and somatic disorders and the quality of life as defined by the Quality of Life Inventory (QOLI). While the Department of Defense has also found links to financial wellness and quality of life when examining Financial Literacy programs developed my large companies, there are no studies to indicate an increase in quality of life of Service Enriched Housing residents. Measuring quality of life in relation to Financial Literacy programs is a new and exciting avenue of research which may non-profits, management companies and even community banks.
Life satisfaction, well being, positive psychology and positive well-being, all facets of Quality of Life, will be measured with the Quality of Life Inventory (QOLI). These areas are nominally defined with a Likert type scale. The test is divided into 32 questions. Questions measure both satisfaction and importance. Importance is rated on a 3 point Likert scale with a 0 representing not at all satisfied and 3 indicating very satisfied. On the other hand, importance is measured on a 6 point scale with -3 indicating very dissatisfied and 3 indicating very satisfied. These scales reflect the assumption that a person’s overall life satisfaction is a composite of the satisfactions in particular areas of life weighted by their relative importance to the individual (Frisch, et al, 1992). The test can either be scored by hand or with Q Local™ Software provided by Pearson, the manufacture.

For a measurement tool to be deemed clinical significant two key aspects must be met- a construct must be present (i.e.- quality of life satisfaction) and change on this construct must be deemed of clinical or practical importance (change within one standard deviation of functional) . The Quality of Life Inventory was evaluated for clinical significance by Frisch, Clark, Rouse, Rudd, Pawleck, Greenstone and Kopplin (2005). The authors administered the QOLI to 3,927 people in various environments including a college setting, an alcohol and substance abuse clinic and a community mental health clinic. Within the community mental health clinic setting, Mexican clients scored somewhat higher than White or African American clients. White and African-American clients did not differ significantly. These perceived effects were not of clinical significance. The perceived clinical significance, based on Cohen (1988) were less than .20. Within the counseling center group, ethnic differences were not clinically significant. Men...

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