Quality Of Service: Cases Of Multiple Public And Private Agricultural Extension Service Providers In Bangladesh

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2. Methodology
2.1 Study locale
This study was performed mainly based on Mymensing district1 located in Dhaka division2. Besides to fulfill requirement of client and organizational diversity this study also included Mithapukur and Pirgonj upazila3 of Rangpur and Purbadhola upazila of Netrokona district as study locale. The selected upazilas of Rangpur is recognized for seed production hence contract growers engaged in supplying seed to private companies are available here. It is important to
1, 2 & 3Administratively Bangladesh composed of four distinctive stages like divisions composed of districts, districts composed of upazils, upazilas are aggression of unions, and several villages constitute unions.

note that the selected areas are recognized for agricultural production and having diversified farming system which attract multitude of extension service providers to offer services to farmers.
2.2 Population and sampling
All stakeholders within public, private and non-government extension system comprise population of the study. Primarily nine organizations three from each group of public, private profit (PPR) and private non-profit (PNP) sector had been purposively selected to ensure inclusion of international, national and local organizations. From nine selected organizations 73 employees were purposively selected to ensure respondents from different hierarchical levels. Following stratified random sampling this study selected 318 farmers from the three clusters of organizations to ensure participation of farmers from all categories (large, medium, small, marginal, landless and women).
2.3 Research approach
This research deployed mixed method approach. Mixed method research is a method becoming progressively articulated, attached to research practice and appreciated as the third major research approach (Johnson et al., 2007). According to Creswell (2006) “Mixed methods research is a research design with philosophical assumptions as well as methods of inquiry.” Quantitative methods such as descriptive statistics, gap analysis and Z test was executed to reveal service gap. To see relationship of five selected service quality dimensions with client satisfaction regression analysis was also employed. All statistical procedure except Z test was done using SPSS 11.5. However to explore causes of low service quality and probable solutions this study followed qualitative methods like key informant interview, focus group discussion,

Fig. 2 Theoretic model Kim et al., (2010)

informal interviews along with consulting published documents. Qualitative methods included farmers, field level extension workers, extension experts, consultants and academicians.
For quantitative research two sets of structured questionnaires were used. In case of farmer respondents the questionnaire contained two parts. The first part was composed of information related to age, gender, education level, annual income, farm size and client satisfaction. All...

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