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AbstractThis paper will provide key elements to establishing research techniques for quality area that involve ethics violations from previous problems within the organization. The paper will provide an executive summary of the entire project and an introduction to the organization. This writing will also provide a problem statement for the organization followed by an extensive literature review. The paper will provide a research design based different concepts of view, detailed methodology, and expected results and analysis. The final portions of this paper will provide expected conclusions and recommendations based on the research conducted.Quality Research ProjectExecutive SummaryThere have been some problems within the organization familiar with a number of medical facilities regarding proper ethical decisions. The effort of this organization involves presenting management with research-based conclusions based on current, past and future patients. The unethical decisions are well known across the country regarding both doctor and medical staff actions. Currently TAP Pharmaceuticals has been found guilty of a number of these unethical decisions and they have involved both doctors and medical staff in multiple facilities in their unethical decisions. The unethical practices involved actions of bribes, kickbacks, false charges, unnecessary medication prescriptions, and falsifying records. This research will provide management with information that will assure a need for review of current practices and the need for ethical training of doctors practicing in the organization and current and future staff training requirements for ethics.IntroductionThe virtual organization, Methodist Hospital, has received complaints over the years of unethical decisions and practices performed by the organization. These practices have involved both physicians and medical staff. Some of the practices involve improper admissions and releases, free medications provided to physicians by pharmaceutical companies for research purposes, physicians charging insurance companies for those free medications, improper verification of medicines and reports of problems by medical staff, and multiple other complaints by patients not to exclude excessive charges invoice for medical support that was not provided.Statement of ProblemThe problem statement that requires attention in this research is "Ethics violations have jeopardized the quality of client data." Client data requires all staff to uphold the highest levels of ethical decisions in the testing performed on the product being provided. In this organization the problem involves if doctors and medical staff are as providing ethical practices and decisions for patients. The problems involve admission when not necessary, too early release of patients due to insurance restrictions, medical prescriptions that may not be required, and a number of other decisions that may not have proper ethics considered.Literature ReviewThe...

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