Quamaine Coleman Mary Shelley Rough Draft

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Thesis: Although Mary Shelley had a tragic childhood, she was able to overcome her personal tradies in order to become a well-known writer and poet.
Introduction: Mary Shelley was a well-known poetry. She began to write at the age of sixteen when she married her first husband Percy Shelley. Mary Shelley had a tragic childhood growing up losing the only mother figure that she knew of name, Lousia the nanny. This convinced Mary to start writing about the relationship of the individuals to history and the relationship of daughters to fathers.
First, Mary were born on August 30, 1797. Mary was the only daughter of William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. Mary’s Godwin died after giving birth to the little one after catching a puerperal fever on 10, September 1797. Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, she left her newborn daughter with a double burden, a powerful need to be mothered. Mrs. Godwin proclaimed this small child to be the fruit of the most famous radical literary marriage of eight tenth- century in England.
Next, William Godwin hired a nanny to care for his two daughters. Godwin birth daughter was Mary, Fanny wasn’t actually his daughter her father name was Gilbert Imlay . The nanny he hired name Louisa Jones. She cared about the two like they was her own blood children. Mary childhood was excellent until she turned three years of age. After Mary turned three Lousia fell in love with George Dyson. Mary father Godwin forbade the nanny when she decided to live with Dyson in the summer of 1800.
Then, Godwin became desperate to find a wife to care for his family so he married a woman name Mary Jane Clairmont. When Mary Clairmont moved in Mary started suffering from psychosomatic skin boils at the age of thirteen. Next, Mary separated from her than the boils started to disappear off her skin. Godwin sent...

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